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Very odd dream experience.

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posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 12:52 AM
Hey everyone, just joined the ATS community today, been visiting since 2004.

I posted in another thread about a list of contact with aliens. While writing it up, I recalled two very odd dreams that I had during a string of weird happenings to me after a major UFO sighting on my 13th birthday.

First Anomaly:

The dream I had was very vivid and real. It wasnt a normal dream that we normally have of people and places. All I can say is that it felt supernatural. I remember seeing various colors moving around my field of view (Almost like when you close your eyes hard for a while) with the sensation of my body floating in the middle of my living room (I couldnt see the living room only the colors, I just knew I was there), even though I was sleeping in my bedroom. I felt aware of my surroundings as if I was awake. I couldnt move at all, though I remember I did not try to move.

After a few seconds of seeing these colors moving around, I vividly remember having a sensation of pressure pressing down in the middle of my eye brows but above them, about the spot of where Indians (India) have the red dot on their forehead. While feeling this pressure build up, it felt as if the pressure was starting to pulsate. At about that time, the colors started to form into a stream or string that flowed onto spot where I was feeling pressure.

This continued for the duration of the dream and I remember it all started to fade away slowly and having the feeling of my body back in my room. I remember opening up my eyes and just stared up at the ceiling wondering what all that was about. I was not once afraid at all during the incident, I felt like I was... I really cant explain how it all felt, just that it wasnt a normal dream to have. During the time this happened I had read up on astral projection and started to dabble in meditation, though that night I did not try to meditate or anything else.

Second Anomaly:

This particular incident was an out of place moment in time that I had, that left me very confused. It didnt feel like a dream so I'm going to type this out as the events happend.

I remember walking into my room and went to bed for the day, leaving my pet iguana's heating lamp on (Bright as well). I guess when I fell asleep this next moment happened. I walked into my room went to my iguana tank and turned the lamp off. The lamp makes a loud clicking sound when turned off and on. When I turned it off and it clicked, I woke up instantly, to a twitch like when your half asleep and a noise startles you. I remember waking up in a fetal position very confused. I got up turned the lamp back on, I opened the door and my mother was still up. I asked her if she came in and just turned the lamp off, and she said no...

This was a very weird incident, I remember going to bed leaving the lamp on, then I dreamed of going to bed but turning the lamp off. And at the exact moment the lamp clicked, I woke up in a fetal position and the light was off... It didnt even feel like was asleep for long at all, like I had just laid down.

Anyways, these are only 2 of the wave of odd things that happened to me in a relatively short period of time. If anyone is educated in these type of things, feel free to enlighten me on what it all means or if anyone has had similar things happened to them.

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