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Dubai claims world's first cloned camel

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 11:12 AM
Not sure if this has already been posted:

DUBAI (AFP) — The United Arab Emirates on Tuesday claimed its own version of Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned mammal, after the birth of a cloned camel in Dubai this month. "This is the first cloned camel in the world," said Dr Nisar Wani, researcher at the Camel Reproduction Centre. Injaz, a female one-humped camel, was born on April 8 after more than five years of work by scientists at the Camel Reproduction Centre and the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, The National newspaper reported.

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I wonder if they have solved the problem of the premature aging that Dolly the Sheep was purported to have suffered from.

However, some have speculated that a contributing factor to Dolly's death was that she could have been born with a genetic age of six years, the same age as the sheep from which she was cloned.[17] One basis for this idea was the finding that Dolly's telomeres were short, which typically is a result of the aging process.[18][19] However, the Roslin Institute have stated that intensive health screening did not reveal any abnormalities in Dolly that could have come from advanced aging.[17]


Surely cloning is harmful to future generations in that we are bypassing natural selection?


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