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Blood for The Gads?

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 02:11 AM
War of The Worlds written in the late eighteenth century, hinted at this most evil of conspiracys.

Blood and its renewal of essences, is the secret of prolonged life.

World war one resulted in over twenty million deaths of prieviously healthy young human beings, rich in life giving blood.

Approximately seventy per cent of these humans bodies have never been recovered.

That equates to hundreds of millions of litres of healthy blood gathered perhaps by thousands of eager stretcher bearers.

Perhaps the drained bodies left discarded, resulting in the multiple millions of unknown soldiers.

This blood sacrificed gathered for the feeding of the ruling classes?

Queen Elizabeth a woman I know is long admired, what is her secret?

After the war the Spanish Flu killed tens of millions more, their bodies piled into mass pits?

Blood without it ... but with it....


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