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Dick Cheney...attempting to re-write Bush history.

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 10:08 PM
Opinion, based on observation:

Former VP Richard Cheney, using the 'Hannity' show on the FNC as his vehicle, goes on air to spin and outright lie about about the past seven years. He is using the recent release, By President Obama, of previously classified 'torture memo' files from the Former Pres. Bush Administration.

My take....? A massive CYA by the ex-VEEP....and particularly telling in that, as usual, he is breaking 'tradition' by vocally criticizing a current opposition Administration. There are lies, lies and damn 'outright' lies.....

"...a couple of interviews"!!!!! Liar!!!

'Put in place policies...'?!?!?! (hint: torture)

Hannity, virtually licking Cheney's feet, withhis softball, bullpuck questions. All likely scripted....notice how quicly Cheney answers....thoroughly scripted.

THEN, the Hannity fool goes into the 'talking points' that his Masters tell him to say...the 'apologizing' comments....repeated, repeated....

This is such an obvious hit piece, it makes me ill.....

Richard Nixon gave Brezshniv a Cadillac....smiled and shook his hand!@! Reagan smiled and shook Gorbachev's hand!!!

Oh!!! the arrogance!!!!!!!

here's what I really wanted to bring in....I used 'embed', which is probably a no-no, but I don't know which 'tags' to use....

edit again....well, 'embed' is obviously the wrong comnes directly from the MSNBC site....isit [mvid]????

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 10:54 PM
I think it's great. Colonel Jesop was always
my favorite character in A Few Good Men, lol.


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