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My thoughts on aliens and UFOs and a few questions

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 07:08 PM
Hi Guys,

Firstly, This is one of my first posts on the forum, I posted a few times before but never made a thread so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section I just though after lurking on the forums for so long I would share my opinions.

I started as a sceptic and like many others am now a believer based on what i have heard and seen. Normally, logic suggests that you shouldn't truly believe something unless you have seen evidence with your own eyes (that's why i was a sceptic for so long)

The reason why i now believe is based on many reports and Factual evidence to show that things are being covered up by governments and military personnel. The obvious question is that if there was nothing to hide, why is it that governments and agents go to such extreme measures to make sure information is erased or replaced with something totally inaccurate. Regardless on whether you believe in ufos or not you can not deny that video evidence is out there captured sometimes by astronauts that show an object changing trajectory in mid air with no indication at all of a collision. When i say a change i mean a 90 degree change. In my opinion there is much more evidence to support the case against ETs and ufos being real BUT.. I have a few questions I hope you guys can help me with that have sparked my interest in the subject.

Firstly, Why is it perfectly acceptable to believe in a "god" and believe that a god is responsible for everything you see in the universe and that jesus was born from virgin mary. It defies all logic! yet this is regarded an acceptable belief system by society yet if you mention the possibility of life existing outside our own planet the opinion is literally laughed at. I seen an interview where a ufologist asked david cameran a question (I forget his name so my apologies) and the politicians laughed at the uestion being raised of the possibility of a cover up regarding ETs. Why is it acceptable to believe in such unrealistic religious views when society for the most part is so arrogant it thinks 6 Billion people on this planet is the only life in the whole universe its obserd!

Secondly, Im wondering why ufos/ ETs leave behind some evidence of their visitation. If they were so advanced with cloaking capability why would they make themselves clear and leave behind any evidence such as what allegedly happened with the roswell incident. Maybe they want to give people an incentive to discover whats out there and spark interest? Who knows

Sorry for this long winded post i just thought I would make my mark on the forums as i love reading all the posts.

Thanks guys

P.S sorry if i offend anyone with my personal opinions on religions. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 07:25 PM
Firstly welcome to ATS friend.

Secondly, THANK YOU for structuring your posts correctly. Proper grammar is always welcome.

Thirdly, you probably offended half the members but it matters not since nobody can really flame you here for personnal opinion so long as your not flaming somebody else.

Your ideas about God are well founded but it will be up to you to figure it out for yourself. Me personally I don't think I am equipped to understand or comprehend the idea of God, let alone what he wants and how to follow it.

I hope you find what your looking for.


posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:52 PM
What now?

Come again?

Sorry, I don't think anybody has accurate answers for that

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 03:11 PM
Bunion,you got it right on the money!

Now you just need to know who and you can figure out WHY?Just like the rest of us.

You can see through the big deception now so you need to stay on ATS,there is a lot of reaally enlightening information to be found here.

Keep asking questions and maintain your openminded perspective concerning the obvious manipulations of humanity that religons have committed,BUT PLEASE RESERVE JUDGEMENT ON THESE THINGS UNTIL YOU LEARN MORE ABOUT THE POSITIVE POWER OF PROGRESS THAT THESE RELIGONS CAN BE IF THEY CAN ALL BE UNIFIED TO REPRESENT HUMANITY AS ONE ENTITY!!!


Youth can change the world as fast as they want,they just have to talk to each other.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 07:53 PM

Originally posted by Bunion

I started as a sceptic and like many others am now a believer based on what i have heard and seen. Normally, logic suggests that you shouldn't truly believe something unless you have seen evidence with your own eyes (that's why i was a sceptic for so long)

Then again , the evidence you need is the one that will convince you. For example , I have never seen or met Mr. Obama , then he cannot exist.

Our world works like this , if the television says so , then it automatically exists.See?

People could see aliens in front of them and they would still not believe what they are seeing. They would probably try to find other explanations!


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