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Why we have already lost

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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 05:17 PM
I have been reading a lot of threads lately about "America the Great", "the NWO", "Illuminati", "Evil bankers" and so on.

One thing that does seem to constantly come through is how the home country of the speaker is "great" and that their country will not "fade away"...

I'll tell you this:

If you truly feel that winning this war against the NWO, Illuminati, Masons (or whoever) is about supporting your country, you have already lost.

This is a war for human kind.

The boundaries drawn on a map mean nothing. They are just lines on bits of paper.

Obviously we have different "races" of humans, and by en large these races live in different parts of the world to one another.

However, we all think the same things, we all have the same worries, the same sorts of feelings, and so on. We might all look different, we might all sound different, but in our heads and underneath our exteriors, we are all the same.

We all breathe the same air...

An analogy: Imagine for a moment that you are fighting a deadly enemy. Your only interest is in saving the street you live on from destruction. It doesn't matter if the streets around you are all gone, because you are going to fight to save YOUR street, your house. Why would you fail, because you are going to put all your effort in to save just your street...

I'll tell you why you'll fail. It's because three streets away, your neighbours cried out for help because the enemy got to their street first. You heard them and you refused to help them because you had to "prepare" or only had feelings for your street - your street is great, theirs is not (you think to yourself)... well the enemy came and killed your neighbours, and the next two streets of neighbours. Now it's your turn. You cry out to neighbours further down the area, and they ignore you because they "have to get ready to defend THEIR streets"...

Instead of ignoring their boundaries and rising up as one, they stood divided, and were conquered. If the people of the ENTIRE neighbourhood joined as one and faced the enemy at the first street, the whole would have prevailed, and the enemy would have been defeated.

This is the scenario that is being played out right now.

We are being duped into thinking that pride in ones country, or flag, gov't, etc. will help them feel strong and save their country/self. Wrong.

We are all fighting the same oppressors, and the war is spreading to parts of the world, where if we all stood united we could defeat this enemy.

Instead we are divided. Divided by foolishly thinking that ones own country is "great", or "the best ever", or "better than all other countries put together"....

What we have forgotten is that the only thing that makes a community (not a country) great, is the fruits of the labour of the people there. It has nothing to do with military power, or flags or wars, or anthems... just the hard work and determination of peopl.

What really makes us great is when we discard the falsehoods of "borders" and remember we are human beings. Remember that the enemy are those who claim to be "in charge", those who claim to be our "rulers".

We need to remember this, and rise up to crush these people before it is too late. After then, and only then, can we live as human beings that are truly free.

Until then, we can go on thinking we live in a "great country" and be slaves about to be crushed underfoot.

I hope that we all wake up before it is much, much too late.

Just for the record, I do live in a "country" that has IN THE PAST seen many great people come and go. The works of these people were great... the country was nothing more than a line on a map. Right now, there are still great people who work hard and produce great things. This still does not make the country anything more than a line on a piece of paper.
The reason the communities here are being destroyed is because people are un-interested in doing anything about it, and they still believe that their country will save them... they do not realise that their "country" is a line on a bit of paper that some men decided could be called a "country.... It's a shame that most of these people will not wake up, not even as they shuffle off the mortal coil...


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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by dampnickers

Really good point and spot on the mark, I agree that we are being systematically separated either by country, nationality, financial class etc ....

Just as we are distracted with the immigration issue we are distracted with this that and the other meanwhile our personal rights have been taken away one by one, Bankers and politicians have bankrupt the country, and here we are fighting over the crumbs that are left (jobs that have long been sent overseas).

We are truly a pack of animals fighting over scraps tossed to us by our masters. look at what people do to each other for money, promotion !!


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