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religion, law, doctrines, rationalism, realisms, modernisms, hypocricisms

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 11:01 PM
Now you can go believing anything you want to, just dont think your going to force my knee to bow without knowing truth.

A: Just because something can be proven valid, does not make it true.

Religion and law, go hand in hand sadly. A conglomerate of sharks with too many fish and vulchers in a desert of there own subspecious designs. get more, get more, get more. That is all I hear from the macrocosm of it all. And didnt your God/deity/otherwise..teach you not to want, not to want, not to want-worldliism.

And what is worldlism but the denial of true natural (naked) state for the shame and fear of living free and transparently to the great eye of our sun.

The brain interefered at some point in our history giving us ego. It went from survival from paradise, to getting ousted from paradise, (i believe its hollow earth personaly.)to the hell and nakedness of the planets surface.

And what religion does not take into account is the fact many ancient engineers masked their codes in all kinds of secret ways, even story and metaphore imagery.
So the Laws and Religions of our time are at the core, all by its own weight against this real reality, somewhat cracked, and that lets the light in to show us the macrocosm, the big picture, so big we only can reach but a fragment at a have to admit this is humans are moving slow sadly because of lazy fat greed, plain as day. The dross is dragging on the bones so to speak.

Humanity in my view of it all, should rebuke all outward notions against or for anything or anyone. THen turn there eye inward using higher intellect to determine their own errors of word or deed before they act. This would greatl benefit the world. Yet im still being vague. What i mean is say I like coffee, and you someone who does not like coffee. And you go to the white house and pay your senators and congressmen off in a loophole for banning coffee. And then go around claiming coffee drinkers are less than dirt and scum worthy of a prison cell. THis is what i mean exactly, your mind is concluding a faulty narcicistic reality that nothing would ever work without you being violent, oppressive, ad just downright evil and sadistic meaning those who trample other people for being different.

I understand people are moody, and emotional, thats the problem, and thats the solution. Kill the beast. Kill not your life. Duh..

But metaphoricly speaking focus in on all that makes you mad, and angry, focus it there in front of you and now imagine your a cat, and you growl at this thought manifest in your attack this ball of hatreds and ignorance, surface thinking well call it. And pretend as your paw swipes for it, it bounces away from you and your unable to get it forever..your ego, is re-chi'ed. Rebalanced. With your higher minds ability to use cognitive realtime reasoning before say, whipping out a tazer on an innocent person, or looking to be evil delibereately..frustratingly to so many real americans..might i add. And that nit picking abound..we here at ATS "love", which can encompass defences of verbal singularly expressed through our KNOW-NOW.

I am not perfect, maybe not definitively always correct, but it takes alot out of a person who goes on quests, ending up for years and dead ends until the mystery of the universe open the minds eye and lets in its rays of real life.

The modern hateful controlling domineering misguided and deliberately undermining of Republic of people who know that Pursuit of happiness is based in individual honor and lifes natural "singular" winds that carry us through life.

So ask the question then. If there was no houses, no king, no power structures or armies. What would i be? What would i live like? Would I have the mental attitude I have now due to my upbringing, or was it environmental? Everyone needs to live in a humble mind, extend trust, stop stirring the pot, stop oppressing each other for seriously stupid reasons that when ever i hear a story about someone died from abuses of any kind by anyone..its just that I want to float into the air, activate my mighty twin powers and give everyone the finger as I fly to a better planet in less time than it takes you all to fly around your stupid planet.

Im just saying this reality of gangs, fighting, stupid words, meaningless thoughts..I was thinking this 15 years ago, the last 10 years just made it worse is all because of losers on so many fronts.

I do listen to God, and he says, you say to yourself as well from another place..Stop Fighting, Use your Brains, Be Real. And Keep it simple yet still advance.


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