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Fear of Big Brother watching us?

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:08 AM
Has a fear of "lists" stopped you from exercising your Rights?

Let me start by saying it took me many months to actually start an account here on ATS. I had many things I wanted to reply to, but deep down I felt a dread that someone somewhere was or will be monitoring this site and I would be put on a list of some sort. To some of you that sounds silly, to some it sounds paranoid, and to others still it sounds just about right.

I finally did make this account after reading a couple of threads that I just couldn’t sit and watch. I went back and forth on the idea of lists and decided even if someone out there is keeping tabs on us, it is no reason to give up my First Amendment Right. I would no longer let fear of the unknown rule my voice, nor fear of retribution from a government that is meant to serve ME.

If you think I am or was just a wee bit paranoid then please let me point you to others who feel the same way.

04/16/2009 Tyr Sog:

“But, the end of this video has me rethinking that. He wants the crowds to "text fedup" to DC? Is this how they are going to red flag people? With tracable text messaging? “


04/16/2009 mike dangerously:

“Although I do have my suspicions about a lot of the backers of these tea parties I think everyone who was there today are now being put on a "domestic terrorists" watch list so do be careful.”


03/23/2009 JRSB:

“Nevertheless Im sure your government and my government are working very hard to censor our information by blacklisting domains. They just need some more excuses. Put it this way, if we continue to share this information which includes sedition - they will contact the host of a website to remove their content.”

This is, ofcourse, just a very small sample of people with similar sentiments. I could go on and on as many of you know. This site is riddled with similar posts to the above quotes, and thus I do not feel very different after all, but instead I feel very normal in my paranoia.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:14 AM
if that scares ya just think that any script kiddie can hack your webcam and is watching you right now!

so big brother is the least of your worries.

yea so hes watching you who cares they lack the man power or technology to do anything with their data their gathering. and dont even think of saying its a bad idea. its an AWESOME idea

people all think their like snowflakes and unique but their not and they can be categorized and this will further behavioral study of the masses. this research can lead to predictors of small changes that affect the publics psyche on a societal scale causing massive shifts for the empowerment of mankind.

please refrain from making big brother seem negative soon all of your marketing will be customized to your interests and that is a plus since the general population is just a mass of consumers who ened to be driven to spend money and these data mining expeditions are bringing us closer to the goal of human control. yea that cia mind control thing never really worked but this will cause it will be built off real raw data that can be analyzed then its a simple matter of implementation into scenarios and behavioral models using computers.

but have no fears that level of tech doesnt exist yet, but the kids hacking your webcam that is real and its as easy as typing 1 2 3.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by tigpoppa

Luckily I don't have a webcam!

Thanks for your reply. I really don't sweat it anymore. The internet is public domain and if I type it anyone is welcome to read it. I was really just curious if anyone else had previously declined from replying to certain subjects for fear of having it used against them.

As far as targeted marketing, I really don't care for it solely based on the fact that I spend my entire paycheck every two weeks without the help of specifically targeted temptation.


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