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UFO Residue Stumps Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 12:03 AM
Here is an interesting case of residue left behind after a ufo.

Art Champoux got called very early in the morning to investigate an UFO physical trace case. It seems that this couple in Salisbury, Mass. saw a bright light above their house and it was circling overhead. Then they lost sight of it and went to bed. About 3:00 in the morning they heard noise like a tree falling in their back yard about that time and went to look out the window. There were four trees involved.

Well if you saw this you wouldn't believe it. All four trees were scraped from the inside. All the bark and the branches were broken off and some smaller ones just hanging down. The bark was scraped in a downward manner. The leaves on the ground were burned and there was a strong burning/sulphur smell on all four trees!


A few months later the couple moved out. APRO listed the case as "unknown". What could have done this?

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