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Musings of an American Slave

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 04:02 PM
A poem I wrote as a sort of teaser for my work-in-progress book "The Hypnotist's Watch - Musings of an American Slave"

Musings of an American Slave

Constant malcontent, where is the end?
Taught never to be truly satisfied.
To worship technology and convenience.
To always want, buy, spend, consume, strive, struggle and climb.
Clawing your way miserably toward death.
Mr. Government man, gimme the pills, put me to sleep.
Drowsy. Freedom is a disease to which their greed is the cure.

Angry at the promises made in youth, now clearly lies.
Lift, shake the soil from my bones.
Escape into the endless shadow of my soul.
It stretches to infinity past the stars and mists of time.
Far from the bonds of money and the parasitic government
That clings to the proletariat like some grotesque leech.
Draining our life blood, claiming the money from your labor as its own.
This sickly pallor that has swept over us like a plague
is nothing more than anemia as we are further drained.

Human beings are fuel for the machines of war and greed,
to ever spread the control of the Elite.
They divide you, keeping you ever-after asleep.
They beat labels into your head until you’re dead.
Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Democrat.
No such thing, we’re all just men and women.

Wake up, wake up, wake up.
The silent siren blaring on, in your ears it sings a song
But ever shall your eyes be shut, your mind half-dead, your body numb
Wake up, wake up, wake up.

I call to the dead from beneath my shadow,
I spread my wings and I leave this place behind.
I call to the living, but it seems they are deaf as well as blind.
Woe to us, woe to thee, living in captivity
None are so enslaved, than those who falsely believe they’re free…

I purge the stain their greed has left and disappear.
Waking the true spirit from its slumber.
I am free for but a moment, one infinite instant
Before I return to my shackles, to my fear, to my cell…


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