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Questions about Sleep Paralysis.

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:19 PM
Alright folks, i've had sleep paralysis since i was about, 13 years of age. I'm 16 now.

Let me describe what happens to me during this time.

i suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, well speaking technically, my MIND wakes up but not my body. i'm aware of it coming and i try to resist but most often, am unable to. [usually cos the "force" is either too strong or i'm too sleepy.] anyway, then the buzzing starts. oh gosh, that is so freaky. and when i try to resist, it gets louder and louder, increasing more with my revolting thoughts. it's like i'm fighting with them.. or it, whatever it is that causes all this.

i cannot move a single muscle of my body no matter how much i try. i am aware of my moms presence beside me but cannot call out. breathing also is difficult. when i calm myself down and tell myslef it's gonna be over soon, the buzzing gets ... angrier. my ears sort of feel tingly.

often i also hear voices at the very starting of this experience which is followed by the buzzing sound. it's like a a lot of people speakin together, like the noises you hear in a classroom if you shutup and listen. though, once upon a time there was this celebrity who said something like 'it's coming to get you' or something in a very trimuphant voice, man that was scary!! she's farah khan i doubt you all know her ...

however i have never had any hallucinations about any dark figure/spiders etc sitting near me or whatever. [merci god!]

so anyway i have questions about all this, please answer if you know

1) how much is this related to Out of body experiences
2) can something be done during this state to induce OOBE ? if yes, how?
3) can the fear you experience during this time actually give you a heart attack?
4) if you do not see any hallucinations etc but only hear buzzing, does that mean you have no particular fear? bcos i read somewhere that the figures/images you see reflect your fears.. and if you dont, you are a non believer and have no fear but to be unable to move your body.
5) any additonal info?

plus i have to tell you sometimes theres EXPTREME sharp pain on the sides of my brain just above the ears. [NOT during sleep paralyse] it's very very hard to bear for the few seconds it lasts... just thought i'd let you know about it in case it's related.


posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by stuff_happens
hi honey, I hear the buzzing sometimes too so I know what you're talking about . I've only ever had one OOBE --it was weird because I was in two places at once. I was asleep in bed but also wandering about downstairs. Like my body and soul had become seperated. Pretty trippy.


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