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T-1 Month: 2009 Bilderberg- Predictions

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 11:57 AM
So Bilderberg 2009, the love-fest of elite globalists, is said to be slated for May 14-17 outside of Athens Greece. I wanted to start this thread to collaborate on ideas/predictions. Jim Tucker, the longtime Bilderberg specialist, says "Bilderberg will return to the grounds of Nafsika Astir Palace hotels in Vouliagmeni, 20 miles outside Athens, and meet behind guards at the Westin Nafsika."

Here's the website for the Astir Palace:

Not surprisingly, if you try booking a room on these dates they are booked but this is only at the West Astir. I saw availability at the Arion Resort which is part of the Astir palace- a little surprising considering that it might be assumed they'd book the whole Resort. Nevertheless, it looks like an ideal setting for these global (European) leaders as it is located on 75 acres of peninsula making it discrete and easily secured from protesters.

According to the Tucker article, the agenda will be mostly one of maintaining the current agenda of controlled financial demolition of quasi-sovereign domestic markets to advance their global consolidation of wealth. This is nothing too illuminating especially if you're one to accept the basic premises of the general Power Elite conspiracy. I'm quite curious about more detailed inferences and hypotheses up until they meet.

Who will attend- Apart from the official and regular attendees who will be on the list of invites? I think it was obvious Obama and Hillary attended Virginia '08- do you think they'll make it for '09? Anyone else from Obama's cabinet? How about Pelosi? Central bankers and finance ministers- I'd peg Bernanke and Geithner almost certainly. Who else?

How about the private sector attendees? I notice the CEO from tom tom attended last year and we've got alot more GPS units in cars these days. Many of the companies represented in recent years have taken hard blows in the last year. How does this play into things?

What do think will be on the agenda? Is China and Russia threats to their European-N Amreican dominance in question or completely under control? How about China's interest in African resources?

Does anybody here on ATS live in Greece who plans on showing up? I think we should organize our efforts to get the best possible coverage here on ATS. Any type of list of possible attendees or those listed on the upcoming "leaked" list should be tracked during those dates.

The financial havoc these individuals have wreaked upon the masses since last year's meeting will surely be reflected in an increased disdain and resentment from the people and they'll likely take measures to counter this. G20 in the UK was far more official and we all saw the mass protests there- let's keep that spirit alive by not letting the 2009 conference ensue without scrutiny! Justice for the Globalists!

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:26 PM
Let's get this going here. I've seen sites that suggest these dates and location aren't accurate. It would be far earlier in the year than last years Virginia summit in late Summer but we're less than a month away from this alleged Greece date and we should be looking at it.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 12:33 PM
So I'm personally still frustrated that no one else is willing to explore possible details pertaining to BB '09 and at this point I'll just document my thoughts and maybe someone consider- F it.
After a weekend of rotting my brain on Mexi Pig Flu speculations on ATS, I want to suggest an idea about BB 09 I had early on in looking at the Flu stuff. I thought, you know this pig flu is pretty well timed before BB09 which again is slated for mid May. I'd imagine at this point invitations have been sent and these have been issued for relevant characters in the agenda for the next 12 months. At first I thought May was relatively early but apparently not really most are held in May or June, sometimes April, a few early Autumn BBs.
So can we be expecting Bio-terrorism experts to attend?
For some reason, I'm predicting a big turn out in the harder science fields in general- maybe some neuro-experts, environmental.
Of course they always have some media moguls there and since the US elections are over it's maybe less of an issue? Typically they've had print media leaders but Jeez isn't that dead?
Google reps, food reps- Coke,
Energy reps
Wall St reps-
Of the Obama Administration, my guess would be at least a good portion of them but I wonder who in particular- Obama himself? Rahmbo? I'd guess his energy point man. Billary almost surely.

And also the whole global power distribution between the West and the Eastern leaders(China, and Russia) is waning to say the least, does anybody think this exclusively European Club can and/or does ignore the voice of China? Can they?

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 12:39 PM
I kind of got distracted in that last thread and steered away from pig flu.
So I've been reading the whole debates from both the natural occurrence and man-made bio-terrorism sides and personally, I don't want to decide until later.
But again, the timing of BB09 is either convenient for
1) addressing how their pre-planned Flu scenario will play out,
2) addressing how best to deal with this natural occurrence that they did not in any way create.
3) addressing how best to deal with the Flu as being a non-Western act of terrorism against the West
I think we need a good week longer to see how this thing will play out but I can almost be certain it will be addressed.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 12:58 PM
Swine flu or not, BB's real agenda is depopulation via monetary mechanism. BB is creating their own karma.

What we can do is focus on the Venus Project which will eventually abolish money.

Check out my sign link.

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