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Bringing the banks to heel.

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:18 PM
My country's government was one of the first to put taxpayer money into the ailing banks. To do so, essential spending on education, social welfare and health was cut. Draconian taxation was also implemented to provide large amounts of money for a second attempt at bailing out the banks.
From my perspective it seems that ordinary taxpayers are picking up the tab for what seems to be the grandest ponzi scheme in history

From my understanding of the capitolist system if a business fails then it is put into recievership or worse liquidation. I mean, who's going to bail me out if my business fails, which is becoming all the more likely as the days and weeks pass by.

I know ATS forbids the formation of organisations on these fora and that is not what i'm trying to do here. All organisations are open to infiltration and corruption, so i also feel it would be pointless. My idea is simple however, if every mortgage holder was to with hold their payments surley the TPTB and the banksters would have to sit up and take notice!. Also i feel it would be imeasurably more effective than shouting at riot police outside a G20 summit as it would hit them directly in the cost base and it would keep the state's thugs off the streets.

Your opinions and advise on this matter would be greatly appreciated also any other non-violent passive-agressive ideas that would capture the imaginantion of ordinary folk and perhaps inspire them to spontaneous action. Money is the only effective weapon, not bottles, bricks and batons.

Humbly yours


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