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offshore FEMA camps.??

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 11:44 AM
There is no denying strange activities going on in our nation regarding these FEMA camps.
One thing I'm trying to shed light on, is (FEMA) activity outside the US.??? Aside from Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico, has there been any constructions or projects offshore?
If FEMA plans the worst concentrations (divide/control) perhaps here on our soil, how will the rest of the world react, and what is planned for their reaction?????

I can't spell

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 01:20 AM
A good place to read about the fema camps is right here. This site contains very good information with credible sources.
FEMA camps, martial law and
indefinite detention without trial

"The President has the power to seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, call reserve forces amounting to 2 1/2 million men to duty, institute martial law, seize and control all menas of transportation, regulate all private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all Americans

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