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LT. Col Opposes Obama...

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 09:28 AM

The officer suggested redeploying the 31st Air Force Fighter Wing consisting of the 510th and 555th operational squadrons of F16s from their current Italian base in Aviano to Poland. He based his suggestion on Moscow threatening Warsaw with the operational tactical Iskander-M complex, which it was planning to locate in the Kaliningrad Region, and also Russia's aggressive politics in relation to Georgia. The American fighter plane squadron could, the lieutenant believes, help Washington's allies defend both countries from the Russian threat.

So, I am doing my daily intel gathering. Reading foreign press, scanning ATS, ticker forum, a few other newsworthy sites trying to get an idea about the week ahead when I ran across this article.

President Obama is poking a hornets nest when he starts screwing with MIC. Honestly, I think this will not bode well for him politically. MIC loves their mammoth budgets, they like their high tech toys. This was likely not a smart move on his part.

Any thoughts?

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