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Bush/Cheney Assassin Squad = Legitimacy for Global Court?

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posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 02:27 PM
As revealed through sources from this thread, an assassination squad reported to the Vice President's office and did an unknown amount of illegal hoohah.

I bring this up in a separate thread because I would like to discuss this possibility:

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney being tried in a global war crimes court. The ramifications of such a trial would result in one thing: provide infinite media coverage to the strength of a global government court. Trying these two men and finding them guilty would provide huge legitimacy to an NWO-style world court that operates outside of sovereign nations (that many people on here have been talking about).

IF instead we refuse to allow such a trial even with the overwhelming evidence, it will set a precedent that these things are okay to do and you can get away with it. This creates a lose-lose situation where you're deciding between global socialism and American fascism. And, it seems to me that "the powers that be" love to create these lose-lose situations.

In summary, I am positing that within the next couple of years, Bush/Cheney will be tried on war crimes to send a signal around the world that there's a new boss in town and his name is Global Governance.

Thoughts? Comments? "Your opinion is stupid"s?


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