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The Deafening Silence...

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 03:58 PM
I've seen many topics on freedom being taken away,
and the lack of actual response. I have been looking
into this and have drawn MY own conclusion, and would
like you to either just read it and better - discuss it.

The problem with freedom is multifaced, first - what
is THE definition of freedom, and in reality do we
really want it?
With freedom comes responsibility - and that raises another
important question - responsibility to WHOM?

The reason why (IMHO) nothing is happening is that
there's NO elected / chosen authority who can / will go against
what is happening right now.

So digging a little deeper, you'll see that most people
are not going to join a group / person who are willing to lead,
simply because "we the people" do not see them as an authority,
which again leads to the problem. We are afraid of the "authority"
called government. Now if you can easily dismiss someone here
on this board, as you don't think of them as an authority, do
you then not hold the answer to how to dismantle the authority
that takes away your freedom?

But my guess is that most don't realize what real freedom is,
and I will admit that I probably don't either. Any organism
living in a group will have a leader either by attribute or
"elected". Then a framework (which takes away freedom) are
being made (rules/law) - so ultimately - total freedom would
look like total chaos, without rules, as rules in any form and
shape will limit freedom.

The reason why the REAL rulers of this world is able to get
away with what they're doing is because they have a clear defined CAUSE,
and there's no bickering about anything - they made the rules
a long time ago, and the people involved are dedicating their
lives to this particular cause.

"We the people" on the other hand are doing their bidding, by
discussing, debunking and fighting within our own ranks, because
WE have a CAUSE but lack definition and direction.
At any time We dismiss, debunk and ridicule or character assasinate
people with a cause (Their definition) for action,
simply because we don't PERCEIVE them as an Authority.

Is there a simple answer to any of this? - of course there
aren't. We are split into multiple groups as there are way too
many conspircies to look into. But in the end, everything that
is happening will be "accepted" as "we the people" will
not take a stand against the PERCEIVED authority.

So whether we are "awaken" or not - we are still taking whatever
crumbs the authorities are giving us - and thus we are no
better than the ones we call "ignorant" - I would say that
the "ignorant" probably sleep a lot better than most here.

We have been taught to abide by law and order, and catagorize ourselves
in a group called "normal". "Normal people" do not talk about
overthrowing governments, conspiracies or other "weird stuff"
so you must consider yourself as what you REALLY are: INDIVIDUALS.

My conclusion is: They hold on to the power, because WE have given them
and still give them that that power. Should they not do their own bidding then?

sorry for my long post, and I'm hoping I'll hear some alternative views.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 07:24 PM
There are at least 7-8 conspiracies all vying for top dog status here and in WDC every minute. Eventually Obama's conspiracy will double cross itself and some other conspiracy will move into the vacum, as alawys.

Most people use conspiracies to blame other people or reasons why things in their lives didn't work out the way they wanted it too.

Also another reason being that since technology and internet change from second to second people have a hard time coping with such rapid change and so tend to look for something sinister being behind it all.


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