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My "alien" encounter of the 3rd kind.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 12:32 PM
I'am 24 years old now. This incident happened when I was 18, so 6 years ago.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and looked at my digital clock. It said 5:30am on the dot. I then looked up and noticed a large round cage around my bed. On top of the cage was the thing, holding on to the cage like a kid on the monkey bars.

I squinted my eyes, you know trying to clear them out without using my hands. Then when I opened my eyes, the cage was gone. So I looked to my right side, and there on the floor was this thing. He was about 2 feet tall. He had that general "alien" shape head. His eyes were like perfect circles, and were white with a very small pupil. His nose was like a human's. His mouth was closed the whole time. He almosted looked like a 2ft baby on crack with big eyes. He was very skinny, and I think I remembered seeing a ribcage. His fingers were long and skinny. And he had 2 wings, which were not the same. They looked like two pieces of chicken cutlet. Seriously, they didn't look exactly alike, they were slightly different.

So now I'm seeing this thing, and I squinted my eyes again, because I just don't believe it. And the little thing starts to do it back at me! He starts to squint his eyes at me, mocking me! At which point I knew this is fricken real, or someone left a mirror next to my bed and I'm not as good looking as I thought. So as I realized that it's real I shouted, "Out Sata-!" I couldn't even get full word, "Satan" out because I felt it paralyzing me. I shouted that because I don't believe in aliens, but I do believe in demons. Till this day I still say it's a demon, but my encounter has a lot of things which other people have encountered.

Okay so now my eyes are closed shut, and I'm afraid to open them. Why? Because everytime I close them and open them this thing gets a little bit closer. I assumed if I opened them, he'd be on top of me. I tried moving my right leg slightly to see if I could move, and I couldn't. The only body part I think I could move was my eyelids, and I wasn't about to open them.

For what seemed like to be 10 minutes, I prayed hard to God. The thing wasn't doing anything to me for that time except keeping me paralyzed. I didn't feel any needles going in me or anything like that. So after what felt like to me to be 10 minutes, I began to feel my body being unparalyzed, slowly. I slowly regained my ability to move, and I opened my eyes. I looked at the digital clock, and it said 6:00am on the dot!!! It felt like 10 minutes to me but I was fighting with this thing for 30 minutes!!! At which point I did something I never thought I would ever do as a 18 year old... I cried for my mommy, "Maaaaa! Maaaa!" My brother who was sleeping in his bunk bed next to me shouted, "Shut the f*** up! I gotta go to school!" My mom ran in, and said, "What happened?" I told her, and she didn't care, thinking I probably had a bad dream or something.

At 18 years old, I then went to her bed, and layed there... freaked the heck out! Let me tell you something, when you see something like that, especially early in the day, you day is shot! That whole day was weird as hell. All I could think about was what happened. But the feeling faded away with the weeks, months, and years. But I still tell people the story, and collect other people's stories. Even though this happened to me, I actually call other people liars when they tell me their stories. It's hard to believe even to a believer! Like you, I don't expect you to believe it cause if I were you, I wouldn't... but it did happen. And it was the freakiest thing that ever happened to me.

For the record, I have no history of mental illnesses or skitsophernia(bad spelling I know), and neither does anyone in my family. I was NOT under the influence of any drugs when this happened.

Anyone know what happened to me?

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 01:18 PM
Well I can't believe no one has answered you! I think it is an awesome telling. Some people believe, I believe, that suspicion should surround a telling which is especially descriptive or telling. That is not my case. Why not use accurate descriptors within non-fiction? There is color to true life.

I think it is interesting that your creature was engineered flawed. Is this evolution? To engineer functional deformity-as in the wings?

Have a good day!

I found especially frightening that the beast was using your blinks to come towards you. Maybe if he/she is safe she/he will consider not doing that again.



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