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"Dr. Cluck's" Fluoridation Fact Sheet

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 11:37 AM
"About Eight to Ten Fluoridation Facts"

1. Fluoridation is good. All water should be artificially fluoridated with whatever fluoride chemicals are available from the industries in the area.

2. Literally several hundred countries fluoridate their people through the water supply. I can’t name them all here and I seem to have mislaid my list, but rest assured, the people love it. Even the ones who get aching bones say: “I can put up with it as long as it is good for the poor children”. Only a few backward countries like Sweden, Switzerland, France, Netherlands etc. reject fluoridation (idiots!).

3. Years ago the average teenager had dozens of fillings. Now I feel quite certain they don’t have so many. Therefore it must be due to fluoride chemicals in the water. The mathematics and science are complicated. The average person can’t understand, and most people unfortunately are average. Trust me, I’m a dental scientist (yes, they do exist).

4. Fluoridation is natural, in a manner of speaking. The material used is kindly provided by phosphate fertilizer manufacturing works or aluminium smelters from their waste piles, and to my mind we should not waste their generous offers. It is a kind of recycling, don’t you think? Anyway, I don’t see what the big deal is. Some of us has to make living too! Plus, it stays it out of the earth and helps the environment.

6. Water fluoridation is recommended by countless important organizations and academies. I was at the Congress of the World Health Organization in 1969 when we voted in the endorsement of fluoridation, a memorable moment. The motion had been rejected many times, but I argued persuasively and won the day. The European scientists who opposed the endorsement had all gone to a staged cocktail party, (thank the Big Scientist in the sky).

7. Fluoridation is harmless. Fluoride is so safe I would happily feed it to, eh, my cat! Safety testing was never required because dentists and right-thinking people were convinced from the start that it was good. I do understand that it is used as a rat and cockroach poison but I do not consider that relevant to its human usage. Children and adults are not rats or cockroaches despite what some people say in the heat of the moment. Either way, the human body can take a lot before it dies.

8. Fluoridation is good, as I might have mentioned before.

9. Fluoridation puts dentists out of business. Look at New York, Dublin and Sydney. The dentists can’t find any work to do, which leaves all that extra money in your pocket. Please consider donating it to dental research, so we can bring you more wonders like fluoridation.

11. Fluoridation is cheap and cost effective, and cheaper than seeing a dentist. It has a surprising range of benefits for industries and is therefore good for some peoples economy.

it then goes on to say:

About Dr. Cluck BSBDS [BS Bachelor of Dental Surgery??
], PhD, Expert:

Dr. Cluck has given more lectures and radio interviews on fluoride than you the reader have had hot dinners. He has countless degrees from all kinds of institutes of higher learning. He believes that we should again use DDT everywhere, asbestos in appliances, lead in paint, and mercury in everyday items. “The damned greenies and health nuts have a lot to answer for” he has said.

Dr. Cluck was at the forefront of developing genetically engineered plants, animals and viruses. He founded the Cluck Institute of Applied Fluoride Technology and other Marvelous Inventions for the Benefit of Mankind (CIAFTMIBM Pty. Ltd.)


PS: This was sent to us by Australian fluoridation fighter David McRae [Slightly modified, ED.]

ok lol...

i found it quite witty, but it's got tons of truth to it, which in turn makes it incredibly scary! it sounds an awful lot like the (mis)leaders that are aspiring to control every aspect of our daily lives! it gets even worse when you learn that fluoridation's early trials were corrupted!

the truth hurts, but it needs to be known!!

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 12:06 PM
Great find, You are absolutely rite, that is brain washing propaganda and like most propaganda America buys rite into it no questions asked. Well a Doctor said it so it must be true.
I find it quite funny that all of their studies are all based on how it affects the teeth ONLY!
A side note; I was kicked out of line by airport security because my babies water bottle did not have fluoride in it! I told the guard that i would not feed that crap to my dog let alone my child, this is absurd. What kind of rule is that? He replied "you can buy water on the other side on the gate." My replay to him was this is pure unadulterated water, what is wrong with pure water? It's not like the twin towers were brought down buy a baby bottle of water!
Needles to say we almost missed our flight.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 10:21 PM
Yeah, Illuminati testimony that all is right.
Cause I'm a doctor.
The authority front is typical.

You can't get a doctor's authority to the negative
they will no longer be doctors afterwards.

Take the town that wants just water, they should
be able to have enough reasons to modify the
water supply.
Yeah, the town should supply bottled drinking water.
I've seen Poland water with fluoride , its insidious.

Lets hope Obama is selling off our fluoride in the G20
to improve the teeth of the worlds children.

If they had something to eat to use their teeth on.
How about giving carrot seeds to a town in India.
No, they have to give injections to avoid night
blindness and perhaps eventual blindness.

The final authority was some sort of comedy act
and the only way to change things is to find an authority
above the final authority.

That means to go from the town to the state to the federal
government and pick the right office to change things.

Lets email Obama and the G20 to supply fluoride and carrot
seeds to improve the worlds future.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 01:08 PM
in case no one got this yet, i believe it's suppossed to be done as a joke (notice the #'s aren't even in sequence properly...)

unfortunately, the stance that this fictional "Dr. Cluck" is taking is a little too close to home for my taste, because even though it's done as a joke, it's so real it hurts...

hopefully this letter's sarcasticness will act as a bit of reality to show us how negative our country's position is when it comes to them "helping" us!

unless, someone can dig up some information to prove that Dr. Cluck is real!

does anyone think that any of this letter is out of line, and that it's not realistic to how things really are?

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 04:08 PM
No joke.
The Illuminati think tanks play both sides of the coin.
Because they can.
They write in support of the whatever is being pushed on the
people and they write all the counters before the deal goes down.

Just to know what they are up against.
Well just my opinion and If I were running the conspiracy I'd
probably do it that way.

Oh they are the think tanks alright.
That whole joke was probably some release of material that
got 'out' to drum up more think tank money.

What is the world wide fluoride use.
There can't be any in England.
Keeping the topic alive and active might be good the little guy
sooner or later.

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