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lost last chance - G20

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 11:26 AM
it is obvious now that there will be no good signal coming to the markets after present G20 meeting. in fact the message will be "ther is no and there will not be any integral strategy to deal with the crises". the UK/US stimulus are standing against Franch/German regulation plans. red light is on.

divided world after that meeting is going to crunch the world economics. it was the last chance to give it so hope.

read here:

"Will the economic and financial crisis degenerate into violent social explosions? Tomorrow, will there be civil war in Europe, the United States and Japan? That's the rather alarming conclusion that the experts of European think tank LEAP/Europe 2020 lay out in their latest bulletin dated mid-February.

In that edition, which addresses the issue of the crisis entering a phase of "global geopolitical dislocation" in the third quarter of 2009, the experts foresee a state of "generalized every man for himself" in the countries stricken by the crisis. That panic would then conclude in logical confrontations, in other words, with partial civil wars. "If your country or region is an area where firearms are in mass circulation" (among big countries, only the United States is in that situation) LEAP indicates, "then the best way to deal with the dislocation is to leave your region, if that's possible."

According to that association, made up of independent contributors from European political, economic and diverse professional circles, the most dangerous regions are those where the system of social protection is the weakest.


Must we conclude from this that the global crisis could transform itself into a world war? "LEAP's forecasts are extreme, but social violence is arising," concedes Barclays's economist Laurence Boone.

One hope remains, a "last chance" according to LEAP, that would lie in the ability of the G-20 - which meets April 2 in London - to promulgate a "convincing and audacious" action plan. In that case, the world would still not be out of the woods, because - as the experts do not fail to also remind us - a severe climate crisis is also materializing. "

so now we can only get ready for the worst to come.

I am just trying to find out (and take into the consideration that the conflict today will be a disastear and all of the world leaders over ther knew it) - have they done it on purpose? I mean was it all according to the plan? is the "zero" hour right now?

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