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Simultaneous G20 + Arab League Summits + Darfur = Planning for WW3?

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 01:25 PM
While on paper the G20 and Arab League summits are benign geopolitical events, of course there is much, much more to these meetings. The timing of things right now is interesting.

Late last night, C-SPAN aired the leaders at the Arab League summit bad-mouthing "The West" and the U.S. and Israel, while asserting their unwavering support for al-Bashir, the head of Sudan, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued by the ICC. Sudan is heading to Moscow April 2 to discuss the matter, while the Arab League and the G20 summits continue.

After the clip from the Arab League Summit, C-SPAN aired a clip showing Obama yesterday dispatching an envoy to Sudan to discuss the crisis, thus he has ecalated things significantly.

If behind the scenes Israel has decided to move against Iran, and has made their intentions known with a timetable, and Obama has decided (rightfully) to rotate troops from Iraq to Sudan and put an end to the concentration camps and genocide in Darfur, and grab al-Bashir for the ICC, then that would cause all hell to break loose in the Middle East.

If that were to happen, then the leaders of all parties would need a forum to discuss everything before-hand, and thus we have the G20 and Arab League Summits occuring simultaneously. They need to discuss who embargoes whom, sanctions, et cetera. The world economy is too interconnected for embargoes on a regional scale, so things would have to be coordinated ahead of time.

So my question is, is Israel-Iran and the arrest warrant for al-Bashir the official reason for plunging us into World War Three? The leaders of the nations at interest, meeting in London and in Qatar are utterly impotent without the cash flow of the global economy swirling. Their rule is suffering, because the economy is teetering. We are in a depression, just not as great as the Great Depression in the U.S because of all the social backstops that were erected (e.g. Social Security, FDIC insurance, et cetera).

But what is credited for getting us out of the Great Depression finally? Of course, it was World War Two. So TPTB are looking back at history, and have they decided that the world needs a global war, across all regions, in order to recover from this depression? Are we witnessing the war planning meetings with the G20 and Arab League summits happening at the same time?

I hope no ultimatums have been made.

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