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You don't need to control / manipulate / brainwash / use NLP on people to be successful.

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 11:28 AM
. You do not need to use these manipulative techniques to gain influence with other people. People who manipulate other people intentionally only care about themselves. They only want to get other people to think the way they think. They can possibly get a lot of people to think in the similar way in which they think. You do not need to brainwash other people in order to get them to think something differently. People act that it's an art of magic and people say that the only way to magically get people to think differently is to brainwash them. This is not true. If you brainwash people they may learn their memories from before they were brainwashed. You know this from several instances in your lives where you have been brainwashed to learn one thing and then you learn a new fact that contradicts that. You also don't need to use NLP programming on other people. It may work. But let me ask you this. Would you feel ethical just using subliminal control on other people? That is what the elites do on others and that's how they get what they want. Now do you want to become like them? NO matter how many excuses you make your excuses won't be good enough for what is going to happen. People that are under programming or that are under some form of control will not be themselves and they will not act naturally so no matter how well you control people they will never be the real them.

I know this because I used to be a control freak myself. I would always control the direction of conversations. It was like talking to myself in a way. I would say something in the way that I think I would react and then the other person would make a comment about it and then the conversation would go with that tone. I used to do it without even knowing it. At several times throughout my life I wished that I could have a real conversation with other people. I eventually learned to just let things go as they do. I do not need to control you or any other person. People say that you can control other people to get what you want. They say that you can control things with what you say and how you say it but do you really want to do this? Do you really think that it is ethical to control other people to do what you want and think? You don't need to. Just being natural is a whole lot easier than thinking about controlling other people.

I think this whole idea of NLP is BS. It only works on people who aren't aware of linguistics and how people use language to influence your perception. It's all about the way you hear the words and what they mean to you. It's just something natural. You know what? NLP is just common speak. But people who use NLP are just schemers who want to manipulate other people. They are no worse than the people working towards a world government.

People who manipulate other people are the worst kinds of schemers. I try to be natural around other people and let things happen. There may be times when I'm depressed and then you have these other people who say that they're depressed and they can control other people to get out of their depression, well, I say to that DEAL WITH IT. If you alter the course of your life in an unnatural way then it won't be the same of going by life as it should happen. I used to manipulate some people a lot. I would always throw in some side comments that would distract in a conversation. I didn't know how to be natural. I wasn't being myself. I'm 19 and I'm now finally able to be myself. I wasn't able to act naturally because I didn't know the art of conversation. You need to know the art of conversation and then you won't have to manipulate others. I used to have an ear infection. I wasn't aware of what people were saying. I notice things about the way people say things. When people are serious they talk in a loud tone of voice, when people are being friendly they talk in a normal tone of voice, when people don't want other people to hear them they talk quietly or in a foreign language. There is a lot to the art of conversation and there are these people that think they can manipulate people to get their way. They should just grow up and learn communication skills. How you communicate sends the message to the other person. It doesn't take some mind manipulation to do it.

I think that people who just want to take control of other people's lives want nothing more than for the whole world to be their slaves. It may be a nice fantasy but could you imagine if that were really the case? Now, that's what I thought. You wouldn't like it that much.

People who use these techniques just are nothing better than scam-artists, or conartists. I would say the only valid technique for trying to be successful is using your perception to make things happen, or, as some would say "the art of attraction" which is something similar.

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 03:41 PM
Forks can kill, slice breads and defend people from threat.

NLP is not very different.

I use Sleight of Mouth, for example, for preventing myself from toxic ideas from media and other people.

Sometimes I like to put people in a better place, if they try to bypass my boundaries.

I also use NLP with Reality Creation. Great stuff.

Before writing diatribes about NLP, know that NLP was made after effective communicators and healers were analysed.
Even Noam Chomsky contribuited indirectly to NLP.

Do I think NLP is the panacea? Of course not. There's a universe of things that NLP doesn't cover. NLP is just a toolbox that a person can uses in his favor for some things.

Manipulators, liars, scammers, corruptors, state, EVIL ITSELF existed much before NLP and the Internet.

And many manipulative people doesn't know NLP even exist!

You can't and you won't control people with NLP. You can just make them convice themselves. Trying to control will lead to resistence.

But if you want to control someone, buy a gun. Or a dog.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by infobrazil

You can't and you won't control people with NLP. You can just make them convice themselves. Trying to control will lead to resistence.

It's funny how people have all these wonderful and wierd ideas about NLP.

My daughter teaches NLP to master practitioner level and she agrees with your statement, she also teaches hypnotherapy and says the same about that. people will only do what they want to do.

Using NLP, if you have a phobea about something, she can take that away.
If you never want to eat chocolate again she can make you feel sick just thinking about it.
Yes, she can alter the way you think, but only if you want it that way.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by jon1

So it's only if the person wants to be changed?

I see.

But I mainly was just saying that people don't need these things to be successful. The point is that a lot of people will say that they want to use mind manipulation techniques in order to control people but they really don't.

They become isolated, and, they realize the only person who they end up talking to is themselves.

I'm just saying that evil applications of these methods are bad, things, that you use to control someone against their will are evil. I know that a lot of people here would love to control people, but, trust me you wouldn't.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 05:06 PM
of course you don't. The goal is to control/manipulate/brainwash/ use NLP on yourself, not others.

Basically, the objective is to reprogram your mind which was programmed by the experiences in growing up and experiencing life, some of those experiences imprint the brain in a negative way and those are the things that can be eliminated and/or reprogrammed with anchors, incentives, and reframing the mind using context and content.

There are many models of reality and one of the best I have found so far is the 8 circuit model of consciousness created originally by Dr. Timothy Leary and expanded upon further by Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising and Quantum Psychology.

Im sure it is natural human desire to seek to control others, but the real strength and mark of success is to simply control yourself. In other words, to be the change that you wan't to see.


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