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U.S. Military Used As Guinea Pigs - Secret Vaccinations Video

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 12:44 AM

But a case of friendly fire in the form of a syringe. On November 28th 2005, David’s unit was lined up from what he says was an undisclosed shot. Three weeks later, private Faye was back in Clermont County on his death bed at Clinton Memorial Hospital. His kidneys failing, his body so swollen that it left stretch marks.

Eleven months later, David’s medical records were mysteriously changed with a hand written notation indicating the mystery shot was a flu vaccine. David is one of the growing number of service men and women getting sick after receiving vaccines. And this highly praised Department of Defense medical officer is mortified.

And this medical officer believes young service men and women are being used as guinea pig.

After that shot I started swelling up, I gained 30 pounds of water, my eyes swelled up where I couldn’t see, I started snoring, I developed a rash on my hand. s-secret-vaccinations/

Related information on vasccinations. ccination/

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 02:32 AM
Thanks for this video. These vaccines also could be the reason why so many children are hyper active and also has ADD, of course there is no proof of this.

And the Government demonizing the Parent and trying to put the blame on that parent for abusing the child need to be put behind bars.

I use to give Immunizations once in my lifetime, not anymore. but I would not give more then two Immunizations at one time, simple I don't like making people sick, but that was on adults only.

But the people in this video are over stepping. We are in need of immunization regulations to stop this "mandatory" Immunizations for children.

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