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Have the PTB just given up...

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:19 PM
Have they just given up trying to be covert?

Reading through all of these current political events which are happening all over the world. It just seems some of these things are so blatant, and an "in your face" type of mentality. Its alomst like it is all being done right in front of us to either test our will or they simply just don't care what we think.

The bail outs, buy outs, sell offs etc. the dollar figures are so enormous that most average joes can not fathom how much money this really is.
I mean when did we go from flipantly discussing millions, to billions and now trillions of dollars.

Just this week in Canada or more specifically Ontario, our provincial government has decided to combine 2 of our taxes into 1. I know most people wont know or even care about our taxes here but...... I will keep it simple.

GST is a federal tax and PST is provincial. Now alot of items you buy only currently get charged one of the two taxes. This "new" combined tax will now add additional taxes to those items. Like on a new house for instance, people will pay an additional 8%. In return they promise to send everyone who makes 160,000 a year or less a rebate of up to 1000.

So they are essentially buying people off with their own money, and at the same time picking your other pocket clean.

Anyway people in Ontario are throwing fits over this. But along the same lines, of the title of the post. They just don't seem to care what people think. They are just taking it regardless, without hardly an effort to hide it.

So the question is, is this flagrant display all over the world part of the master plan? Are they testing our breaking point? Or trying to set off some kind of world wide revolution, through this constant push of our mental stress capacity?

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:35 PM
Yeah, I remember how policies have always been tactful and secret!
It's like they aren't trying to cover stuff up as much anymore.
Are things speeding up?
Faith is important.

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