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911 Information: Brand new to ATS--thrice deleted--a must read.

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posted on Apr, 20 2004 @ 11:07 PM
The following is based on my personal research on 911 that led to a book and two 2-hour VHS tapes and many nationwide radio talk shows. It has been deleted thrice today before, but it is important that I keep trying....Here are some topics related to 911 that even Alex Jones does not cover:

1> There were only 269 people on board those four flights that day. Those planes were routinely over-booked on most days and normally would have carried about 1000 people. That means they were only at 25% of capacity on very popular trans-continental flights that (according to an AA stewardess interviewed by an acquaintance of mine) should have been at 90%+ capacity. Did Osama buy all those extra seats?? If so, where is the proof?? Why is no one in the media talking about this smoking gun/giant hole in the official cover story?

2> I have the occupant lists by corporation by floor number for all of the floors of the WTC towers as of 9/11/01. The 110th floor of the North Tower housed the CNN headquarters. I also have the complete lists of all the missing and dead by floor, by corporation. Everyone else from impact point up in the North Tower is listed as missing or dead, BUT NOT A SINGLE CNN EMPLOYEE IS ON THAT LIST!

3> I interviewed Lou Cachiolli a few weeks after 911. He told me that his crew heard bombs going off inside the building (as reported in People Magazine, 9/20/01, p.34)
and this ties in remarkably well with the taped 60-minutes segment I have on Andy Desperedo and his engine company who were sent to rescue "trapped Port Authority workers" on the 23rd floor. These firefighters had to tunnel through debris 60+ floors below the impact point to rescue trapped workers many, many minutes before the towers collapsed. The FBI HQ was located in that part of the building also, and it is my contention that this is where John O'Neill died--in planted charges way before the collapse. IMO, someone wanted to make absolutely sure he died and that records pertaining to gold price fixing on the part of Alan Greenspan held in those offices were also destroyed.

Now, certain moderators have told me this thread can not be here, but the head of ATS's 9/11 investigative team told me it should indeed be here...I will keep trying, and if this thread finally sticks and I get some decent responses to these initial pieces of information, I have literally dozens like it that I can/will post in the future.

Please add any comments unless you are Facefirst or Esoterica....TIA.

posted on Apr, 20 2004 @ 11:09 PM
Pay attention, your first post was not deleted!

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