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NASA TV Live 15:20 UK time

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 10:49 AM
Roughly bang on 15:20 I started to see lens flare from a light source that looked to be above and behind the shuttle. Slowly but surely the light source crept down the screen until it came into view as a big blinding white light which sat from my view as directly behind the shuttles tail.

For the time it was there, seconds, it obliterated any light coming in to the cargo bay ie it overloaded the exposure of the camera.

The was then switched to mission control and a few mins later returned to the payload bay where the light was gone from the back but the bay was very very whited out as if the light was elsewhere??

I can't remember 100% where the sun was in comparison to the shuttle but I seem to remember the shuttle almost being upside down with the sun to the west of it.

Probably nothing but I thought I would mention it..

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