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Witnessed strange airplane LAX on 3/26 around 2am

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 08:46 AM
What is it that we could have seen?

LAX has a deserted patch of land from PCH prior to the landing strip. Does anyone know what the use of that gated patch of land is used for?

We for sure noticed a large flying object over the pacific ocean with two very bright white lights. It appeared to be hovering on one place. For sure it was in the sky then within 30 seconds was all the sudden on top of the gated hill just prior of the LAX airport. The lights were on top of the hill but as we approached that hill they turned off. We looked up onto the hill and I for sure saw a white commercial airline tail with a green emblem on it. There is NO WAY an airplane could have landed there unless it crashed landed. We have no idea how a plane would even get up there. There was no report of a crash landing plane at LAX.

(Detailed story below)

My wife, her friend and I were driving west on Imperial Highway and witnessed what appeared to be a large commercial jet with two very bright white lights coming in for a landing off of the pacific ocean. Since I make this drive quite often the first thing I said was, "That's strange not used to seeing planes land from the west". I said that plane looks like its going to land on Imperial Highway. The girls agreed. The lights appeared to be on the wings but the airline looked as if it were hovering not landing. Then we were getting closer to these lights and the plane really looked as if it was hovering in one place. I thought I was halusinating or something. I even asked my wife and her friend, "Am I halusinating or doesn't that plane look like its not moving? The agreed again. We were waiting to watch the plane land and it never did. As we got closer to the lights they looked as if it were on top of a gated hill that looks like an old neighbor hood that was taken over by the city due to loud airplanes taking off and landing. This is a patch of land that runs from pch to another street prior to LAX runways. We clearly saw the same lights that were in the sky all of the sudden appear on this gated hill prior to LAX. As our car approached the hill the lights went out. We continued driving slow and I looked up onto the hill and saw what appeared to a commercial airline only able to visualize the tail of the plane which had a green emblem on it. My wife was driving and was so blown away with what we just witnessed decided to make a U turn and come back to see it again. As we took a left onto pch there just coincidently appeared an airport security van on pch turning left onto Imperial Highway. Then we turned around and headed east onto Imperal Highway and took our first left onto that street prior to the LAX runway and looked up onto that gated hill to try and see if that plane was up there. Unfortunately we couldn't see from that angle. So we got stuck driving for like a mile North before we could U turn on this street due to the median. We made the U turn and headed back South toward Imperial Highway and no sign of lights. As we turned right back onto Imperial highway a black SUV just happened to be next to us and turned left on Imperial highway. We then decided to just go home and as we drove South on pch I noticed another black SUV headed the same way as us. Something strange was going on that's for sure.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:05 AM

Hey there, I lived in Hermosa and El Segundo for a while and I have seen a few instances of aircraft coming in to land from the West (this is from the Pacific towards land, LAX) for those who do not know the layout of the area.
I worked with aircraft from Point Mugu Naval Air Station and to my knowledge, there would be no reason for anything out of the ordinary to land at LAX when there are military bases such as Point Mugu, Vandenburg AFB, and Lemoore NAS so close. Strange little story you have here so far, any more internet research to explain anything yet?


posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 02:48 AM
Okay. It was really weird.

As we were driving west on Imperial Hwy towards the ocean we all clearly saw what appeared to be a very large commercial airline coming in for a landing. I was a bit freaked out because I noticed it looked as if it was off track and may actually land on Imperial Hwy. The girls also said that it looked as if the plane was actually hovering. Of course we were watching and waiting to see it land at LAX. IT NEVER LANDED! Next thing you know the very bright lights are on that gated hill between PCH and LAX. So we were like .. weird.. how did that plane get on that hill with out us noticing it land. Then as we looked up all .. the lights went out.. and all I could see was a tail of a commercial airline. I have NO idea how a plane even got on top of that hill unless it hovered down very fast.. like seconds.

I'm telling you something weird was happening. Still can't figure that out. I think I'm going to flag down an el segundo airport police officer and ask him what that could have been.

If I get an answer I'll let you know.

thanks for the input.

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 03:26 AM
This is crazy... I really want to find out more about this story. I move in to a new place in Playa Del Rey and my room faces out towards where that strip is (outwards into Dockweiler Beach) and I know EXACTLY that fenced off area.

Look forward to hearing what the police have to say - but I'm pretty certain someone on the other end will be mocking you.. bunch of dimwits we have working in L.A....

Great post, keep us informed!!!

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