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Sickness? Plague? Filth?

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 10:12 PM
I usually don't sleep that much and I never remember my dreams. But two have always stood out. One happened all the time when I was a kid and one happened last year.

The first one always triggered vomiting. I had some serious bouts with acid reflux and at one point had surgery. But I would always dream that I would be running through a hallway. The colors would be yellow / greenish and the like. Kind of like what sewage is symbolized as if you get my drift. I would be running through the tunnel then turn a corner out into what looked like a forest. It looked the same way. I would trip on a log and fall face first and then I would wake up. Immediately I would vomit. Weird huh?

Second one was even stranger. I had this one a few times. I was in a small room with two things. The room itself was covered in dark green / brown stuff and the floor was full of trash. A baby would be sitting in the middle but it wasn't a baby. It would stand up and it would have very long legs and this strange face. Small eyes, sharp teeth and distorted features. Other times it would just be a "baby" with the disgusting face and another thing that would come through the wall. It was like I was invisible to them or whatever.

For some reason I can remember these two vividly and to the exact colors,ect. While I haven't had a dream in a long time (since last year). I had the first one God knows how many times. Probably hundreds of times. And the second maybe three or four. I don't know why I waited to post about this. Really never thought that it was important but I saw this forum so...I told my parents about it when I was younger but never looked into from a "other" level.

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