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A letter adressed to "the sheeple" from "The Globalist NWO"

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:32 AM

A letter adressed to "the sheeple" from "The Globalist NWO"

Dearest Citizen of the World,

I believe the time has come to reveal to you some of the perplexities you have faced in recent decades. It is well for you to understand some of these things so that you might know how to behave in the New Order now taking shape on the earth. We want you to be able to become fully involved and integrated into our new society. After all, this is for your best interest if you will do.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:32 AM
You can decide if this letter is true to the events of today or not. The part about "we have generously taxed you" is very insulting and makes me angry. Most of the information seems very accurate, regardless of who wrote it. we are sheep without even realizing it. Believe in the truth and the truth will set us all free. it does not matter who wrote the letter. The only thing that matters is the meaning of the letter and how you connect it to the modern world.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by LBJ___Bush_Sr_Kild_JFK

What makes you think it's even real before assigning emotions such as anger to it? Looks like a hoax letter from just another internet charlatan to get the sheeple upset. I guess they proved their point huh!


posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 02:23 AM
Ah, so the 'sheeple' are Americans! The letter doesn;t apply to me nor most other people on the planet.

Mind you, wouldn;t be surprised if the NWO were unaware of any other countries except the little islands of Londonengland, Europe and Iraqiran!

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 02:33 AM
sounds too me like somebody has a bit too much time on there hands, there is also a few gramma mistakes! Maybe they should learn how too write letters properly before addressing them too the whole world in such a manner. My guess, a 15 year old acting smart.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 02:37 AM
It's reads as a fantasy letter imo... not much reality to the content writer other then to promote a website perhaps.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 03:05 AM
Yes, this letter must be verified some what before it can be taking too serious.
A good thing there is no Nwo or illuminati or cia controlling the world.

What I read about Cia doing stuff here in norwy after the ww2, wich ofcours is speculations, even thoug the mass grave was active at Riis Cemetary here in Oslo till the year 1989...

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 03:20 AM
hmm i'd like to think that TPTB or what have you would probably do alittle more than an internet spot since they ya know control everything right
Once I see a white house press confrence and they wrap the idea all up and make it nice and obama-fied then maybe I'll believe there sendin a message to us
But I mean I guess the illuminati wanna branch out to the blogging era it seems..haha

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:09 AM
Hmm, I have only seen like 1 Star Wars movie...

Maybe I missed something..

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:31 AM

Originally posted by Essan
Ah, so the 'sheeple' are Americans! The letter doesn;t apply to me nor most other people on the planet.

Mind you, wouldn;t be surprised if the NWO were unaware of any other countries except the little islands of Londonengland, Europe and Iraqiran!

Heh! Funnily enough, I was pointing out related phenomenon on one of the abducted threads. It's fascinating how often alien contact, NWO theories, large scale catastrophes, spiritual intervention appear to be Ameri-centric.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:32 AM
I recieved this today, what do you folks think?

An Open Letter To Resistors of
The New World Order on Behalf
of The Transhuman Illuminati
(Part 1)

Dear Resistor

Thank you for your services. You've shown great courage in "exposing" our various "secret" societies and now people are "waking up" at a respectable pace.

As you continue helping us build the future by alerting your peers about the New World Order, we would like to define a few flaws crippling your revolutionary movement and offer a few solutions to help you better carry out our goals between now and 2012.

We encourage you to briefly drop your defenses and read this entire letter with eyes wide open.

Your hostility and confusion have historically precluded you from gaining the advantages embedded within our constructive criticisms. It's now eminently crucial you overcome the weaknesses of your past if you intend to keep the revolutionary torch burning in the future.
Allow Me To Explain...

First, we would like to applaud you for the growth of your movement. Any group of individuals who are capable of spreading ideas at such lengths, with such effectiveness, should be acknowledged for their determination.

We constantly monitor website statistics illustrating the lengths to which your various anti-New World Order propaganda spreads and the effectiveness of its impact upon various subcultures. Since your antics have attracted a sufficient amount of spectators, we've begun accelerating the game to now take an expedient step ahead into the next global phase of constitutional reconstruction.

You've ignited our flash pots with timely accuracy and style. Kudos. We'll continue offering new kindling to your fire as our mutual efforts progress.

To further commend your recent success, one phenomenon deserving most notable mention is the constant mutation and flight of your message. This phoenix shows more potential than ever as it finds its way into demographics which historically clashed with one another through intellectual opposition.

Your resistance propaganda infects conversations held by Christian Evangelicals, Islamic Fundamentalists, Atheists, New Age mystics, Secular Spiritualists, Conservatives, Progressives, Libertarians, Anarchists, and others. You are truly bringing people together - globally.
In that, you exceed
our expectations.

We're pleased to witness your manufactured spectre of the evil New World Order transcending the various mind-created borders maintained by ideological groups whose traditional commonalities consist of a snide dislike for one another.

Regardless of religion, race, philisophical or political views, each individual's life-changing realization that the entire world be held in bondage, shackled by a mutual authoritarian demon is of paramount importance to our ultimate goal – and your street-level efforts to dissolve the boundaries people hold inside their prisons of authoritarian faith are commendable.

We're proud to see gun-toting confederate whites and fight-the-power intellectual blacks finally uniting together in dedication toward creating universal liberty; acknowledging THEY ARE ALL, as hero Malcolm X would have put it, "field negroes" -- regardless of their skin color or social background.

But the New World Order resistance is doomed if you fail to evolve beyond the state in which you are becoming increasingly trapped. Upon acknowledging the flaws illustrated, and adopting the strategy for victory laid out in the body of this letter, the most productive members of the resistance shall quietly join the New World Order to bring the revolution full tilt by 2012.

Please do not misunderstand the tenderness of this timeline... Don't lose cite of the fact that your success is our success. But also, do not overestimate the power you hold. Your resistance shall continue growing in numbers to accelerate the success of our New World Order. Although, don't misinterpret such as meaning we would not prevail in lieu of your failure. Your progress is a mere additive accelerating us toward the ultimate goal.

Detailed in this letter are the early warning signs of your failure and the actionable strategies you must take now if you wish to avoid derailing your movement as it wanders without a shepherd until 2011.

3 Critical Mistakes Ensuring
The Failure Of Your Revolution

A deadly mistake soon to cause widespread stagnation is your inability to deliver effective messages to those who embrace socialism (fascism). If you continue on the course you're headed, the biggest contributor to your movement's derailment will be a failure to bring the New World Order message to this market.

We estimate that you will need to "wake up" at least eleven million more liberals in the U.S. to reach a tipping point that guarantees the Great Transition by your 2012 U.S. Presidential election. Otherwise, delays will persist until 2016, or beyond.

To do this, you need to widely shed the UFO, reptilian, Luciferian, and 9/11 themes from your rhetoric. You are wasting valuable time and resources over-indoctrinating the evangelical groups, the truthers, and the UFO/Mayan believers. You've made tremendous progress laying the groundwork to sustain a loyal support base among these delusional followers, but you are now limiting your ability to expand.

Although the eleven million will remain mostly hypnotized by celebrity President Obama's cult of personality until the full blowback from the bailout packages hit Main St. in 2011, you are not correctly positioned to collect this mob when they turn on him.

In order to infect them with the message of Constitutional liberty, you must cleverly transition away from myths of UFO's, the Occult, and 9/11 truth (as well as eugenics, population control, RFID slavery and other dystopian themes) -- starting NOW.

Those most supportive followers whom you've attracted will continue to carry the torch on your behalf. It is your job, as a leader, to expand your realm of influence and begin attracting new, intellectually hypnotized resistors...

[edit on 26-3-2009 by HulaAnglers]

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:38 AM
This 11 million large market will reject the myths concocted in the past, and flee from your old school "truth" and esoteric mind candy like evangelicals at a séance. (one must be convinced they have found their way down the rabbit hole INDEPENDENTLY of anyone's influence in order to reach the bottom successfully)

Thus, you must bring your message to this market with the viral power of a cleverly orchestrated Hollywood scandal, matched silently with the shrewd, profit-driven relentlessness of a Silicon Valley success story.

Remember, the greatest trick the devil ever played was to convince the world he didn't exist. As you outflank the establishment with stealth invisibility and secret influence, watch for the cues to stage the distribution of your mass control machinery for maximum response.

You will know when to leap into your destiny. Most of the Republican base will be waiting... Most of the independents will be waiting... But how do you dialate the remainder unaware of the coming Great Transition?
Make Revolution SEXY.

And how do you make such a critical transition to gain respect from the eleven million (without alienating your current support base)? You must adopt a simple 5-point message (outlined in Part 2 of this letter) that pierces through the illusions which trap them in a matrix of bicamerality.

As a template for the expansion beyond your established audience, consider observing the craft of celebrity resistor Alex Jones as he cleverly avoids using typical crackpot nonsense in the production of his most recent film, The Obama Deception.

You're no longer the little guy fighting the leviathan State. You're now the street smart Illuminati, vanishing the dishonesties and rationalizations destructively inflicted on society by the establishment. When the love revolution glistens from the lips of sexy starlets and drops from the jaws of outspoken urban personalities idolized by the "goyim", you'll know it's time to raise your flag.

As of the writing of this letter, Obama's approval rating is now dwindling toward to 50%, and this eleven million large group we've identified is ripe to join the New World Order resistance through 2010 - But right now, you are in grave danger of missing your mark...

We understand that you may not see the urgency of this matter today, or the utility of what we suggest - as it may seem counterintuitive - But if you've heeded any of our warnings in the past, you know we mean business. Our masterpiece WILL be completed. We would prefer that everything go peacefully as planned, and we strive to prevent another day from arising where blood would be spilled in the streets by the Agent Smiths of oblivion.

Obama is already setting his party's mine field of administrative failures, just as Bush did. You should now see the green light to begin ideological infiltration of the mainstream matrix as those failures continue to shake voters out of the trance.

In the mainstream, successful deprogramming will be hinged upon your ability to remove those tin foil hats and come out of your bunkers. Spread a clear, concise message of liberty, love, and peace that can easily be adopted by a wider audience. Otherwise your efforts will be futile, and eventually disintegrate. But before you move to collect your 11 million, you have some internal problems which need to be resolved...

The next big mistake you face is your inability to cure the out-of-control egos of your peers. The time being wasted engaging in flame wars, trolling, and proving meaningless points in unproductive intellectual arguments is crippling your progress. Debating minutia is mental masturbation, and it must stop now in order to preserve the health of your marketing initiatives.

Estimating that more than half your power is squandered on self-destructive idiocracy would be conservative.

We monitor the comments on the most highly trafficked anti-NWO message boards and activist blogs, and to this day, we continue to witness an orgy of childish, emotional "told you so" discourse alongside pessimistic, defeatist "sheeple are stupid" drivel.
Mark my words...

You are DOOMED TO FAIL if you do not aggressively root out those cancer seeds and the individuals who spread them. Such individuals offer no value and therefore drain time and energy from EVERYONE.

Not only are they a source of distraction, but they repel valuable new participants, and diminish the overall forward-essence movement of your cause.

It's up to you to become a leader and begin enforcing SERIOUS attitude adjustments amongst your cloud. We've witnessed improvements since the dust from the 9/11 debunking battles settled, but the lack of physical productivity and mental discipline demonstrated by a large portion of your movement is still utterly PATHETIC.

And it appears that many individuals who claim to be part of your movement act as if the New World Order is some sort of video game they play to amuse themselves between bong hits. The losers who refuse to get to work are blocking the way to your continued progress.

When the chickens come home to roost, your ascent will be made or broken by their laziness.

Single out those who wallow in their emotionalisms, complain incessantly, spread pessimism, and offer zero constructive value to the advancement of the revolution. Help them to shape up quickly, then quietly ostracize them when they fail to comply. Be up front about this policy in your ranks, be swift yet respectful, and those who are true to the cause will not only comply, but carry out enforcement ON YOUR BEHALF.

You can do twice as much with half your numbers if your participants stop wasting time engaging in communications and actions that do not yield measurable real world results. If you intend to keep up with us, every mental moment and every physical movement must be optimized toward moving closer to a clear, concise goal.

And that brings me to your third crippling mistake. You've had nearly two years since the orchestration of the Ron Paul campaign set off the revolution, yet you flounder around like taser victims, reacting automatically to the opiates and stimulations we concoct to misdirect the flock.

You're quickly reaching a tipping point where you have the NUMBERS needed to begin naturally spurring the widely noticeable social changes required to ENSURE the 2012 timeline is met, but you do not have a clear, concise unifying message bonded with an easy to understand plan of action - (and this problem is much more serious than you think).

If you continue forward without a well defined vision and benefits, your movement will naturally segregate itself into stagnant intellectual sects, stunted by a dichotomy prohibiting the coordination of efforts necessary to bring forth actionable results at a rate of progress aligning with our own. Moreover, your disorganization will ultimately cause a failure to acquire the necessary eleven million large group that would ensure 2012 success.

We will continue to support the revolution, but we expect to see well aligned vision, goals, and action steps communicated throughout the various grassroots movements within a short period of time. We also expect you to groom your participants in the much needed disciplines of etiquette, honor, and productivity.
Consider circulating these tenants
for revolutionary success...
Time expended on the critique of media events, whether written or spoken is unproductive thus draining your power to actionably engage in revolutionary activity. Consider the magnificent gift you've been given recently in a certain media personality who has taken the mainstream lead in promoting constitutional values to the public every afternoon.

Many revolutionaries of insufficient intellect have shown a childish frustration with this phenomenon, as if they had never sat down at a poker table and observed how the best player sits quietly until the pot grows large enough to go all-in with an unbeatable hand while eliminating the second strongest player and becoming the unbeatable chip leader at the same time.

While the masses live in automatic reaction to the media circus sideshows, your observations exist to instead make your quest of collecting valuable footage for future exposé more profitable. Leverage your observations to further nullify illusions promoted by the establishment, and ignore or cast aside those who are too aloof to play the game. Remember, your objective is to HELP OTHERS put the puzzle pieces together.

Emotional, circular debate (whether it be one-on-one or in a group) does not pave a path to victory. This is a related issue, that surpasses discussion of the media, and extends to realms of politics, religion, and philosophy. A warrior crushes debates with authority on a mass scale by engaging in profitable pamphleteering to dismantle the leviathan State.

Remember, without Thomas Paine's persuasive Common Sense, there would likely be no America. Common Sense was the phantom warrior that won over the complacent Colonists, whose support was crucial in forming a charge toward independence only 6 months later. Could you imagine Paine wasting his time challenging the village idiot to intellectual debates while blood was spilled in the streets? Do you find those among you engaging in similar losing paradigms?

To be a leader is to take effective measures in molding those around you into leaders. Your strength lies not in your numbers, but in your strength. Discard the distractions which YOU yourself create to defend the values you hold, and pierce the distractions afflicting others so that they may find their own leadership potential. The march forward is of honor, strength, and laser focused vision.

The fabric of an indestructible flag is made of threads woven too tightly to be torn apart. Remember the Sons of Liberty. The stability of your community is the strength in which all members may stand together, at the same time, in the face of tyranny. While maintaining the ability to look outward upon the perfect storm, weave together those in your local community to form a fabric of indestructibility.

Quietly dissolve the political illusions they hold with your clear, concise message of individual liberty. But crucial to your efforts is your ability to be the light house upon stormy shores. Those who are trapped in fear and loathing shall find warmth in your guidance to look forward, not behind, to see strength not weakness, and see the good of humanity amidst the chaos. Overwhelm them with peace and love no matter how difficult the battles become.

It's time for the future leaders of your movement to begin rising in more powerful, influential, and illusive ways by joining the New World Order now.

Remember, profits are to be taken whether or not your revolution succeeds. The more you succeed the more profits are taken. Our mutually beneficial arrangement shall go on quietly as we both seek to find the most efficient way to guide the flock into the new world.

We favor you now based on the success you've accumulated thus far, but if you fail to meet significant milestones which indicate the 2012 timeline is being met, we'll have no choice but to bet on a different horse.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 05:05 AM
Hah... and again hah. Well whatever the origin of this little note, I for one am not phased. I am a metal head, and if theres one thing that a metal head will always do , till he dies on his feet, is fight for his right to party. If there is an elite cabal of genocidal maniacs hell bent on laying us all low, then they will have to kill me , and make a bloody good job of it before they affect my functionality, and that of my brethren. Our duty is to rock, and we have, do , and will.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 05:56 AM
I'm baffled at the reasons why and how anyone can genuinely believe this letter or the purposes behind. The grammatical content along with how elloquent (or lack thereof) it has been written is pittiful at best and sparks of a desparation that is only present in foolish humour. The structure is well thought-out, granted, but by very design the provocative content and language is exactly what it is and nothing more; provocative.

I'm not one for demanding proof at every angle when looking at these things because I often feel that it's counter-productive to the nature of the discussion at hand and when we have the 'proof brigaders' on board, it serves as little more than distraction. I consider that this is a just someone with a bit time on their hands. Anyone, who has spent several hours researching NWO related subject matter could conjure this nonsense up and willingfully pose as whoever or whatever they like.

I therefore do not, and WILL not accept this as anything but a utter tosh.

Good find though and thanks for the reading.


posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 06:43 AM

Originally posted by BAZ752
I'm baffled at the reasons why and how anyone can genuinely believe this letter or the purposes behind.

I'm not sure if anyone in this thread (at least) actually did believe the letter or took it seriously - or at least at face value.

There's being open-minded and there's a willingness to literally believe anything if there's an element of 'confirmation bias'. I think it's only really people that are quite desperate to believe that really fall for the kind of material offered-up in the OP.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 09:26 AM
I should have pointed that the my statement (as you highlighted above) was purely rhetoric and not actually directed at any individual on here.

Though, suffice to say, I pleased that people are not digesting this.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 10:03 AM
Even if this is a 15 yr old typing for attention,
Hes got a good grasp on whats going on today.
Id be interested to find out if this was a homework assignment, or where it really came from.
Maybe one of "them" is so bold as to write this, who knows?

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 10:04 AM
Whilst a good laughable read, there are aspects that ring true to todays society, the lazy 'brainwashed' masses that yearn for freedom , but will not get off their fat a*ses to actually do anything about the state of the world.
Most of the letter, ( I say most as I really couldn't be bothered to read anymore of the 'immature' boasting) garnered a smile on my face, as I realised that the person that worte this BS has far too much time on their hands, and should've done some research on how people really tell the truth.
For one they don't boast using words like 'you silly people'. If I was trying to say that I owned the world I wouldn't use stupid phrases like that, And if it WAS from the NWO then I really don't think that even if an idividual was 'authorised' to issue a letter that they would use 'I' a lot. It would've been 'We'
Got a giggle out of me though just before I closed the screen down. I personally think it was the site operators attempt to get attention to his anti-NWO website, to evoke some sort of fury on the readers part to join in hating the NWO as much as he does.

I Hate the NWO , and hope the 6million Asians (who were part of the Triads and other Asisn NWO hating communities) eliminate ALL the NWO members, seeing as the NWO planned to bio engineer a disease to wipe out the Asian community.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by LBJ___Bush_Sr_Kild_JFK

This is my KUDOS to HulaAnglers and LBJ___Bush_Sr_Kild_JFK....

First of THANKS for this eye -opening letter..I still have chills and each and every word stabbed at me.

WTF!!! Why are the posters on this thread not tapping into their logical part of their intelligent brains that I know them to have ( so don't take offense, posters) DUHHH this wasn't really written by the elite. It is you were not to take it as tho LBJ___Bush_Sr_Kild_JFK wanted you all to believe that you to take this literally as if one of "them" wrote it...LBJ___Bush_Sr_Kild_JFK got it off a site that some very intelligent person wrote to WAKE PEOPLE UP, written of course in sarcasm hoping that you understand it is to show you how the elitist really feel about you.....WOW. but anyway, thanks again LBJ___Bush_Sr_Kild_JFK. I am definately going to pass this on only hoping that my friends and family really read it. It says it all.

[edit on 26-3-2009 by Butter Cookie]

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by HulaAnglers

see my above Kudos to you

I am at a loss for words of how I really feel when I think about what this letter was saying...

I know the true intent for why both letters were written and others should see it too. Not for someone to prove valididty in who wrote it but to focus on the meaning and see the rhetoric

Thanks again

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