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Aren't almost any job subsidized?

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 08:24 PM
The other day, I was asking myself (and arguing with someone else), if the government was not involve in any subsidy of any form, what so ever, for companies large & small, not even tax deduction for business or individual.

How many business will stand by themselves?

Do you think that the unemployment will be such, that chaos will be the norm?

So if the government was simply taxing a flat rate on any business transaction (no loop hole, nothing, if you go under, not even social welfare, only charity, that you cannot even deduct).

I'm under the impression, that almost any jobs is subsidized, don't you think?

Maybe you can even see it at an higher level, if the deficit and national debt is such, that we are living on the next generation money, that means that our way of live (all of us) is subsidized (since we cannot afford our expense).

Is a tax deduction a form of subsidy (I understand that technically it is not the same), in a sense that this avoided tax (the deduction) will be paid by someone else (probably the one having no means of passing the buck to someone else).


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