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Military scrambled over foreign sub sighting

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 01:09 PM

Forces tried to keep August sighting, explosion in High Arctic under wraps


From Friday's Globe and Mail

March 20, 2009 at 4:02 AM EDT

OTTAWA — The Canadian Forces quietly scrambled an investigative team to the High Arctic last August to probe what it considered a "reliable" report of a foreign submarine sighting near the eastern entrance of the Northwest Passage - all the while trying to keep a public-relations lid on the matter, documents show.

The sub sighting occurred kilometres away from the location of a mysterious explosion that had been reported to authorities 10 days earlier and made news across Canada.

Today, the military refuses to discuss what it found last summer after probing the sub incident, citing operational security. Its silence on the possible underwater incursion - of a sort Canada is relatively powerless to detect or stop - stands in stark contrast to the clamour Ottawa makes when NORAD detects and intercepts approaching Russian bombers.

The sub sighting is a reminder of Canada's difficulty with enforcing its sovereignty in the increasingly contested Arctic. The incident occurred even as officials in Ottawa were planning a trip for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the region. It was only three weeks later that he tried to reassert Canada's claims over the Passage and Arctic, announcing Ottawa would now require foreign vessels entering Canadian waters to report their presence.

Didn't hear about this one either. If it has been posted already please delete.

Apparently there was an explosion in the Arctic, and then a submarine was seen by eyewitnesses.

The article also reads that Canadian authorities tried , and are still trying to separate both events, and they even gave disinformation, because that's what it is, as the military tried to keep under wraps the sighting of the submarine.

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