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Great Education

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 12:05 PM
9/11? Yawn.
Terror attacks? Yawn.
RFID chips? Yawn.
NWO? Yawn.
Religion? BIG yawn.

In fact all that stuff begins to bore the living daylight out of me. Why?
Coz I cannot hear it anymore and I am sure a huge number of people share it.

But why, are you wondering did I post this thread in the "Educational" section? The answer is very simple.

I THINK THAT MANY PEOPLE MUST LEARN TO ENJOY LIFE AGAIN. And how to do that - is truly educational.

I love to read great books. I love to go out and walk in the nature. I love to write.

I love to do so many things. How many do you love to do? What would you like to tell people that they can enjoy their lives better during this sinister time of terror, fear, and slavery?

This is real important education, isn't it? How to enjoy life.


posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 03:07 PM
That is the hard thing to do my friend ,to REALIZE that living is way much more than money, technology, gossip, tv, consipracy, materialism, discrimination, power, etc.

That is the blindness that we are in to, the blindness that "they " want us to be in, so we can be their slaves forever, trading our life, our freedom, ourselfs, for things that we dont even need or want, trading our imagination, our opinion, our unlimited intelligence, our human gifts for useless things that
are filling our minds, and are taking our life away, what i mean is that we have to start thinking, the power of our brain is unlimited, we just need to REALIZE that it is true, that power is within us all.

It doesnt matter how do u live your life... just dont let someone else to tell you how things are,how things are supposed to be, dont belive in anything but in yourself.

Pursuit your passion, that is your key.

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