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Look Here If You Don't Know What You Need To Do

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 10:45 PM
Everyday the commoners awake and question nothing. As the day goes by and travesties are reported, deviance from the norm is hard pressed to be found. Little more than 'hey thats not right, is it?' is ever a tangible sequence of words in reaction to a violently tangible cause. Even with the knowledge of histories past and the nobility of those who possess initiative, the people have been placed in a permanent state of non-action through the manipulation of culture and education, the creation of a naive populous, and the general enslavement of the absent-minded drones. There are a few who have, through either hereditary nature, or perhaps purely by chance, still maintain a sense of purpose. A perspective of the bigger picture. They do not live in a bubble. However, their voices are often drowned out by the seas of mass media contradictions in an effort to distort the truth or disinform the very same naive peons who should want a better life. In some cases they are even drowned out by themselves, a vocal suicide, enacted by an assumption of superiority and a lack of understanding of the common mind. Slowly their rights are taken away from them, with little resistance, recourse, and worst of all, no revolution. All thats ever done is debate over whether anything would ever be done about the matter. What a world we live in.

An entirely intentional detachment from interest in politics has diluted the power of the people to react, for with no knowledge, there is no wrong. They fail to realize that politics decide their fate. They fail to realize that, left unchecked, the government would evolve from a functional engine entirely dedicated to the common good to a meticulous, conniving, conspiring machine dedicated to an ultimate financial goal, with no second thought to the social or environmental detriment. This is Rome. This is Babylon. This is America.

History has been manipulated.
Culture has been manipulated.

Education has been manipulated.
How could a subsidized public school system owned by the federal government of the most powerful nation in the world actually lead to an infinite decline in the education of our youth? Surely as soon as something was discovered to be inefficient, it would be properly mended...

Your life has been manipulated.
You haven't noticed a thing.

Slowly, as the goals of the elite are achieved and the people are made into mules, our world degenerates. We move backwards. We make negative progress for the first time in Human history. Corporations no longer abide within the sphere of legislation, as legislation now bends around corporations. Skies are black around the clock. There is no middle class.

It's time for a Revolution.


First things first. We're all waiting. Stop for a moment to think and realize that I do NOT care whether or not you WANT something to happen. The point is, you need to stop.

What are you waiting for? For someone else to start this #? What #? Oh, you want a full-on overthrow of the government by violent method? Way to play into their game. They want that.

So then what can we do? The same thing we always have been capable of, peaceful protest, and spreading education to the masses. It is vital that people know the truth, because otherwise, we will be portrayed as the enemy by the opposing parties, through their use of mass media, and no one will be on the right side. It is vital that people understand we are not looking to kill each other, not even the miltary or police force they may impose upon us. Our enemy is our inefficient, oppressive government, from which we wish, and have the right, to break free from. They no longer work for us, they work to keep us within their grip, therefore, they must be dealt with.

Do not get me wrong, this will boil down to violence, but until that point, we have to DO SOMETHING. STOP WAITING AROUND. ORGANIZE. EDUCATE. ACTIVATE.


posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 10:46 PM
There will be a mass movement. Take part. But also...take with you only those you absolutely trust...go underground...get things done. The same way our founding fathers did before us. Remember, you're not a patriot until your cause is proven and won, until then, you will be the evil. You will be the terrorist.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 11:09 PM
I really enjoy your optimism towards a really large movement that would bring about real change in the West and other countries.

However, I do no think the time for that is at hand yet. I am not saying that it shouldn't be going on now, it should have started years ago and finished it before we were in the mess we are in currently.

The problem is the complacency we have among the general public. It is very sad to say, but the level of deceit and dog and pony show atmosphere that these people have created has most definitely exceeded their expectations. It has created a mass following of young, old, educated and non-educated that is at their beck and call.

And this movement, although not organized is extremely strong at turning a blind eye to the atrocities being carried out by their ever so careful handlers.

I truly wish that we do start mobilizing for the beginning of the end, however, I think it is going to take something huge, catastrophic even to really awaken most of the people to what is going on.

I wish everyone the best of luck, the most we can do at the moment is make attempts to organize.


posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 09:39 AM
First and foremost thanks for the response, and thanks for having an open mind to the extent that you do. However, this is not optimism, its simply determination.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 12:45 PM
...everyday it becomes more urgent....I am currently planning a rally for anyone who can attend in the DC area.

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