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I have only one conspiracy theory. Internet2 Related.

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:12 AM
Its very interesting. March 12, 2009. I was just participating in a debate on, and I gave an interesting piece of history. We were discussing history of the United States, and its entertaining when Canadians and Americans clash with cultural differences. I brought up a footnote concerning something that I learned back in high school about how the only real measure of Canadian historical stupidity was when communist influences in the Canadian government were responcible for giving the Soviet Union a heads up on how the Atomic Bomb worked. I followed up with the fact that Canada was the first country in the world to beat the sound barrier. We created the arrow. It was a faster than sound air craft. I mentioned in our yahoo debate that the States were afraid of us because we had created the first super sonic jet.
Because we had communist sympathy in our government, the States threatened to go to war with us if we didn't give up the arrow. We really didn't have much say in the matter, because we really did help the Soviet Union become a nuclear super power. So, the Americans did take the arrow away from us.
This footnote in history however isn't what I find most interesting. What I find most interesting is the fact that after about ten minutes, I was having a cigarette and not in the computer room, I came back to see what responce I was going to get. I found that without any kind of poor social grace on the internet, my footnote in history was deleted from the debate. This kind of history is not something that someone out there wants us to remember.
It occurs to me now, that the first loss of freedom is the censorship of history. Rewriting it if you will, to fit the current mainstream of society. I was quite surprised that simple footnotes in history really can be supressed like that.

My further comments during the debate:

Actually, Abe, Canada has been pretty consistant in making contributions equal to the USofA to the poorer countries of the world. As a matter of fact, we were doing it prior to the states, before it was fashionable to help out other countries. It doesn't make us better or worse. It simply is.

My problem right now, is that we're doing it to the detriment of our own economies. Its getting to the point that any money being sent to other countries for humanitarian aid is becoming devalued. Worthless. I believe we've over reached ourselves to the point where we're no longer responcible to our own people.

No disagrreement, snoopy, except for fact that our contribution pales in size to US of necessity, due to our much smaller population. Does not change the fact that US has done more than rest of world combined! The Marshall plan by itself allowed Europe, both friend and foe, to recover much more quickly after WWII.

I have gone back to the debate, and have found two of my footnotes in history have been deleted. Fortuately I have the second one on clipboard. Its as follows:

The following Footnote was also deleted. Censorship.

One thing I do remember from about thirty years ago, is that Canada was developing a debt. Too much borrowing during the Trudeau era, and while Canadians didn't mind so much that we were helping other countries by giving them a loan to help other economies, I remember India in particular at $300000000 which was a lot of money back in the 70's, but we also just forgave the debt. That's when Canadians started getting pissed. The government hasn't listened to it's people since.

Censorship of history is unforgivable. It is also the first place to start when you want to rewrite the future. It is my opinion that just one footnote in history being denied or rewritten is enough to make us admit we have moved into a socialist republic. I hope that it doesn't take the complete rewriting of history to acknowledge this and put a stop to it. I have heard and read rumors about internet2. It seems that the socialist movement has already begun.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:35 AM
Attempts to break the sound barrier

The first self propelled vehicle to break the sound barrier was probably the first successful test launch of the German V-2 ballistic missile on October 3, 1942, at Peenemünde in Germany. By September 1944, the V-2s routinely achieved Mach 4 (4,900 km/h) during terminal descent.

In 1942 the United Kingdom's Ministry of Aviation began a top secret project with Miles Aircraft to develop the world's first aircraft capable of breaking the sound barrier. The project resulted in the development of the prototype Miles M.52 jet aircraft, which was designed to reach 1,000 mph (417 m/s; 1,600 km/h) at 36,000 feet (11 km) in 1 minute 30 sec.

Sound barrier officially broken

U.S. efforts progressed apace soon after Britain had disclosed all its research and designs to the U.S. government, on the promise that U.S. information would be shared the other way. The U.S. failed to disclose any information in return, stating the Pentagon had deemed the project Top Secret. They took the technological information provided by the British and began work on the Bell XS-1. The final version of the Bell XS-1 has many design similarities to the original Miles version. Also featuring the all-moving tail, the XS-1 was later known as the X-1. It was in the X-1 that Chuck Yeager was credited with being the first man to break the sound barrier in level flight on 14 October 1947, flying at an altitude of 45,000 ft (13.7 km). George Welch made a plausible but officially unverified claim to have broken the sound barrier on 1 October 1947, while flying an XP-86 Sabre. He also claimed to have repeated his supersonic flight on October 14, 1947, 30 minutes before Yeager broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1. Although evidence from witnesses and instruments strongly imply that Welch achieved supersonic speed, the flights were not properly monitored and are not officially recognized. The XP-86 officially achieved supersonic speed on 26 April 1948.

You say that Canada gave the technology to the U.S. Can you provide any documentation for that. I have looked and cannot find any. Canada is awesome by the way...

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:53 AM
I just did a search arrow aircraft. this is the first link to catch my attention.

I won't qualify it as documentation.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 10:00 AM
Since the arrow has caught the eye, here is a little more. I was looking for a discussion on internet2 though.

Its the real deal. The picture is the rollout ceremony with the public and press invited in 1957. The number RL 201 stands for Roe Limited 201. There were no prototypes. all aircraft were production machines…this the first. The first five were equiped with Westinghouse J75 engines giving it 18,000 pounds max thrust. At the time of cancellation Arrow 206 was being finished and was a week away from completion and was equiped with designed and made Iroquis engines with 25,000 pounds max thrust. This engine meant the Arrow would have far greater thrust vs weight, a feet not even matched by today’s fighters. Interesting enough, the F-14 Tomcat made approximately 12 years after the Arrow has way less thrust and its weight to thrust ratio isn’t even close to the Arrows. The Tomcat’s weight and length are comparable, and no one doubts its performance capability. However the neo-conns got in power in Canada were dishonest and vitriolic in their comments on its performance and Canadian’s abilities to design and compete with the world..Saddly it’s typical of Canada’s politians…cowards and liars - I know first hand but that’s another story. The engineers went onto other great accomplishments in other countries…they had signifigant roles in engineering: the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, Beoing 747, Concord, Apolo moon missions, and the Space Shuttle.

For instance, the chief engineer of the Arrow became the chief engineer on the Concord, and the aeronautical engineer for the Arrow went on to accompilsih one of his dreams.he got the human race to the moon. He was signaled out as one of the main reasons they accomplished that goal, he designed the heat shield on the Apolo capsiles and the skin of the Shuttle. NASA and the Smithsonian think he was an absolute genious…Canada ignored his contributions…like so many others who became the best by going boldly forward…it reflects poorly on our dismal politicians.

Howard Hughes called Avro Canada and its engineers the best. He offered to pay for and build what would have been the world’s first jet passenger plane in 1953 which was ready designed and made by Avro in prototype, the government interfered and refused to allow him to produce it…Britian wanted that first for themselves..they made the BAE Commet and it ultimately flew but blew up in flight!

Floyd, the cheif engineer of the Arrow said it could manuver as good as any figter in the Western arsenal in th 1990s. The Arrow would have been protecting Canada today I have no doubt, even if altered by using technical advances made since its conception. The Arrow would have gotten better and better. That I have no doubt.

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