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Israeli soldier shot American activist in face with tear gas can.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 02:51 PM
Your views are almost typical of those who have read a lot of "stories" and seen all the propaganda but dont really know the ground realities first hand. As is typical of propaganda you see things only as black and white.

All the "sob stories" that the Palestinians propagate are ALL the consequence of their continued belligerence towards the Jews and towards the state of Israel. Their poverty, their circumstances are all the result of their refusal to live in peace. While you claim that Palestinian schools have bullet holes it is most liikely the result of Hamas or other terrorists who are using those schools as ammo depots and firing ranges because Israeli operations in Palestinians territories are only carried out after ample warning and when faced with civilians rubber bullets are used. When people complain of bombings and poverty in Palestinians territories, these are the result again of their refusal to live in peace. The sheer amount of aid that has been given to these Palestinians for the last 50 years should have transformed the place into a stunning metropolis if not for their misguided use of putting all that money in buying weapons to attack Israel. Also, when thousands of rockets are launched against Israeli citizens, which destroy hundreds of homes and schools and clinics it is not a matter of concern but when Israel responds with bombs of its own kind everybody seems to have a problem.

When the "poor" and "innocent" Palestinians are allowed to have democratic elections, they vote terrorists into power! The difference between George Washington and Hamas is George Washington fought openly and on a battlefield, not behind the skirts of women and the backs of children like Hamas. He didnt carry out suicide bombings or attack civilians randomly.

The Palestinians are supported by ALL the Arab countries in the Middle East simply because they are muslims. It has nothing to do with anything else, or even if their cause is right or wrong. These Arab nations have tried to attack Israel on numerous occasions but lost each time. Now knowing that they cant win openly, they are using these Palestinians to fight for them through terrorism by promising them an impossible future, where all the Jews will leave and the beautiful cities of Tel Aviv etc will be theirs to take. This is why Israel is the underdog. It has to keep an eye on all these Arab countries and within its own border just to survive each day. If ever Hamas has the weapons Israel has today they will try to kill every Jew in Israel but Israel is not like them, even though they have the weapons and the ability to finish the Palestinians in a few hours and even if they know that they will keep tring to kill them. The Israelis will only respond to attacks, never initiate them.

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by IAF101

I think this excerpt from an article by Noam Chomsky says it all.

"Two weeks after the Sabbath opening of the assault, with much of Gaza already
pounded to rubble and the death toll approaching 1000, the UN Agency UNRWA, on
which most Gazans depend for survival, announced that the Israeli military refused
to allow aid shipments to Gaza, saying that the crossings were closed for the
Sabbath. To honor the holy day, Palestinians at the edge of survival must be denied
food and medicine, while hundreds can be slaughtered by US jet bombers and

The rigorous observance of the Sabbath in this dual fashion attracted little if any
notice. That makes sense. In the annals of US-Israeli criminality, such cruelty and
cynicism scarcely merit more than a footnote. They are too familiar. To cite one
relevant parallel, in June 1982 the US-backed Israeli invasion of Lebanon opened
with the bombing of the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, later to
become famous as the site of terrible massacres supervised by the IDF (Israeli
"Defense" Forces). The bombing hit the local hospital - the Gaza hospital -- and
killed over 200 people, according to the eyewitness account of an American Middle
East academic specialist. The massacre was the opening act in an invasion that
slaughtered some 15-20,000 people and destroyed much of southern Lebanon and
Beirut, proceeding with crucial US military and diplomatic support. That included
vetoes of Security Council resolutions seeking to halt the criminal aggression that
was undertaken, as scarcely concealed, to defend Israel from the threat of peaceful
political settlement, contrary to many convenient fabrications about Israelis suffering
under intense rocketing, a fantasy of apologists."

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by A Conscience

Naom Chomsky ??

Why ? Couldnt you find an excerpt from Mein Kampf ??

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