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Denial and the Human Reponse to Change

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:34 AM
Have any of you here noticed how during arguments especially the focal point of an arguement, that people often respond with a charactoristc that resembles denial? Even if the person in the right is right. You may have experinced this as a knocking your head against a brick wall scenario!

I have thought long and hard about this and I believe it is a human flaw associated with many physological aspects of the pysche primarily denial and secondary to this socialogical and also mental wiring with regard the belief system of the individual. Take a recent example I had where the individual I was arguing with not only used body language (in an attempt to steer the conversation) but also in order to evade his belief system or 'comfort zone' being challenged used the classic technique and use of the word NO, NO , NO. In fact everytime I threatened to sway the arguement in the direction of logic and reason the response was always an automated NO, NO, NO 3 times in succession!

I am begining to suspect this is down to a human condition I call structural denial. I use the word structural because it seems that when a person has formualted a belief and incorporated this belief into their structral belief system there is almost an automated resistance to information/change when you rock someones foundation with new information that threatens their structure. It's as though the untrained mind cannot cope with even logical and rational pieces of information if they threaten to move the pieces of belief that make up the individual's mental structure. As thought they're whole system of thought would crumble if they simple incorporate one fact or arguement!

Ultimatly it's a shame as this inability to absorb information that might shake ones beliefs or cause one to look at their actions or physcological profile in detail, (often associated with a dark aspect of the pysche) has directly led to so much conflict in the world.

Perhaps some of you have experinced it with people that are spritually asleep especially when you start to talk about other worldy stuff?

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 05:44 PM
I'm quite amused that you made a whole thread about this, it made me laugh. It's nice to see someone paying attention to those little details in behaviour that usually go missed by others.

People are strange and it is a challenge, even fun sometimes to try and figure out why they behave the way they do.

Anyways...i remember this one time when i was having a conversation with a friend of mine about child abuse. It was a very touchy subject for her because she had experienced it. I can't remember how we got into the convo, but some way in i said something about children being able to have sexual feelings, in the physical sense. And her reaction to my saying that got me thinking and thinking about why she reacted that way, i guess like how you have thought about it.

She sort of lifted herself nervously from the seat and had the same reaction that you described as being like denial, even though she was absolutely right. She said something like "Yeah but you can't look at children as sexual objects" And the way she said it was as though she was telling me that as if i needed to know it, which was odd (i'm a girl by the way) I thought in my head after she had said it...Naw you don't say.

So i thought about her reaction a bit more and i think perhaps she was reasuring herself that that is the truth...but not even because she needed to know it but simply because she was completely out of her comfort zone talking on that subject. It made her uncomfortable so she stated the obvious, not to me, but to herself to make it a little easier, some kind of truth cushion.

This is all very subtle stuff, especially the body language. You may have to try to visualize that example to understand in full what i was picking up on.

This particular girl had me trying to understand this strange denial type reaction because many a time she had displayed it when talking about various subject matters. That was the best example i thought i could give.

That person you mentioned who kept saying NO NO NO NO NO (gosh that makes me laugh) He wasn't really saying no to you he was saying no to himself... i don't want to talk about this it's freaking me out as suggested. Take a person out of their comfort zone even a little and you get all kinds of odd behaviour. Personally i am one quite comfortable to talk about just about anything, infact, the more bizarre the better.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

I don't know, it is hard to say from your example if what you present is valid or not.

You only detailed the posturing of your opponent in whatever discussion you were having. (You made it sound as if you tried to corner the person.)

I think it depends on what the conversation entailed, a detail you left out of your description.

If somebody tries to tell me the sky isn't blue, I would remark with "no, no, no".....also!

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:43 AM
That's very true.

People need to believe in things - it's how we make sense of the world around us. From an early age we're conditioned with loads of beliefs which we then build upon as we grow older.

And as you said, some of them are so ingrained that it's next to impossible to convince someone otherwise.

Our ability to believe in something, against all the logical evidence that would suggest otherwise, can be either seen as a characteristic flaw or quality.

Take gravity. I'd safely assume that most people believe in gravity, simply because the concept (not necessarily the advanced "how's") is easy to demonstrate - pick something up and let go, it falls. Done.

But then when you try to talk to someone about things they cannot easily see or make a reference/link to, like Aliens, the universe, psychic abilities or whatever, you're going to have a hard time because for the majority, those aren't contemporary beliefs.

Especially when someone claims to be the reincarnation of an alien mind who's lived for millions of years and seen the Big Bang, was the alien at Roswell, etc.

Sound familiar?

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:49 AM
I have had my life ruined in 1992, and ever since, its like i just have to do so much just to exist. The people that ruined my life should be in jail, but society says they where right, and society destroyed my life. Its been like banging your head against a brick wall for 17 years, but people even though they are wrong, just are pure scum, especially them in power.

But truth has kept me going, shame its not enough to make you able to live a life, but heck people are scum.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 08:32 PM
I supose much of what I was getting at is what happens even when you logically try to explain to someone a simple truth that skirts around the edges of knowledge. The grey area if you like which for some remains grey but for others is clearer.

The human mind in some ways fascinates me but in other ways frustrates me also. It's as though it is born open but conditioned to close during early adulthood either due to lack of faith or lack of knowledge, and no doubt a lot to do with socialogical conditioning and programing. The more freedoms that are taken away the less likely a person is to find themselves and nurture the human spirit within. This contact with the human spirit is I believe key to unlocking many of the universe's secrets. Bring together people with the right minsets whom are free and you have something special which is an amplification not only of the self but of the unit. Having studied many different types of systems from economic to biological to insects most if not all aspects of organisation work best in units or groups.

What I have seen in this lifetime is that there has been no coming together of minds for a greater more etherical purpose, much of this is unfortunatly due to lost or hidden knowledge, hidden by organisations such as the Spanish inquisition, the illuminati, the Vatican etc.

The irony is that there is actually so much information out there not only accumulated on earth but also the accumulation of knowledge through existance. Because the pool of information is so vast only a trained, stable ans structured mind can cope with the etheric flood of information that comes with conection to the cosmos or hologram if you like. What few realise is the conection is actually telepathic, it has to be as words are useless and slow when it comes to absorbing the flow of info that comes with being in contact with higher and historical forms of consciousness. It would be like me hooking up a 56k modem to download the contents of everthing on the internet, not only would this be too slow it's a rediculous concept.

So yes I do claim to have many memories going back a very long way, they feel like my memories because I have 'experienced' the flow of information that comes with the experince, this includes some of my claims mentioned by "noonebutme" ironically his username describes how I often feel, i.e. I haven't met anyone yet like me in terms of what they know both instinctively and historically (the written word and past experinces of the species). I know why I am here on earth it is because I faught to save the human sprit, but this has been dying for some time and is now on the precipice of total and continued enslavement (which is how I see the current condition) or total freedom and ridence of what I call disharmonious energies or at a minimun control of such forces. This included the subjugation of evil a very real force that is working against creation for the purposes of posponing it inevitable downfall. Your leaders and society itself have made it very difficult for me to reach the people that need to be reached in order to faciliate the quickening. This is a very stagnant and slow world for me, in all honesty and should really be here as there are so many minds either in denial or not capable of absorbing information at the rate I can. There is a real risk that what I and other great minds know may never be know or more importantly experinced by the human species again. Many are fed up with the human mentality and obsesion with materiality and constant battle with itself, it's crazy. So if people continue to say "no, no, no" or shut down to anything that remotely challenges their belief system they will never see the light of the one. This would be a shame for them indeed for nothing even comes close to describing being in the presence and being imersed in infinite bliss. In fact the human imagination can't even conceptualise anything close to what bliss entails, that's how in the dark it is. I've said it before but this world is actually a very dark place comparetivly speaking. It's actually very close to a living hell. Those that deny this are actually in denial themselves!

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