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World of Wonders the magazine and 2012?

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 10:28 AM
hello everybody

After reading a lot into the web about 2012 i am really scared right now. Cause:
Today i walked into a shop and bought a magazine. A magazine which has an article about 2012.

Its in german, but i hope to translate it a little bit.

First of all, i am really really scared. Why? cause why such a magazine write about the event which maybe happen in 2012?
Here are the facts from the article:

1. The maya calendar:

The scientist John Major Jenkins is searching in Palenque (Mexico, Chiapas) about the Mayas. He thinks that the calendar (beginning at the 11.August 3114 b. Jesus, ending at 21.December 2012) shows us some points for the end (?) of the world. Cause: Why this calender stopps at the date? The calendar is correct calculated (23 sec difference) on the moon phases. He found statues with indications for the milkyway, dobble head snakes in a 14 -grad angle show the way of the sun, the moon and planets.
The mayas had 2 calendar-systems: The ritual Tzolkin (the dates circle into a 260 day rytm) and the Haab (every 365 days). Both calendars stop after 5125 days. At the 21.12.2012.
At this day our sun cross the middle of the Milkyway, which only happens every (!) 26 000 years.


2. IRAS-Project (Infrared Astronomical Satellite)

The IRAS project from the american NASA shall show up the Horizont behind the old Telescopes. It shows up the Infrared things behind the clouds, and works with warmness (its hard to translate this...
1983 the Washington Post wrote: "A celestial body, big as jupiter and so near to the earth that its a piece of our sunsystem was founded." After this message, the project was silent.
Every questions about this project the NASA dont answer.
IRAS (a project from USA, UK and Nederlande) were stopped after 10 months. NASA explained this : They had problems with the cooling-system of the satelite. BUT!!!
John Maynard, ex- US-Secretofficier, told that they found a mystery Warming at the end of our sunsystem. USA didnt want to work with the other states, so they said the project is death, but in the secret they searched again.

point 3:

at the 21.12.2012 our sun will be at a place, which only every 26 000 years happen. At this day, we are exactly in the middle of the milkyway. What will happen there?
A nederlande scientist Jaco van der Worp say that this event will go hand in hand with meteroids, Tsunamis, etc..
Of course those are myths, but why shall the mayas end their calendar at exactly this date? Did they know something we dont know?

A scientist Graham Hancock found out that the Mayas knew about the Erd-circle, the exactly places from Merkur, Venus, Mars and Saturn. He said that the reason for the calendar must be a warning for a catastroph, which maye happens until the calendar stopps.

Planet X:

The Nasa had sightnings 1983 and 1992. For John Murray from the Open University in London the thing is clear: " If its the same object they talk for, then the Kolloss is in directly way to the earth."

Nasa showed up 2008 a plan for atom-bombs into space. A space-craft shall bring a bomb near to the planet and let it explose. Maybe it will change the way of the planet.
2009 NASA want to send up the expensivest and best Infrarot-Telescope every days. Many projects are stopped cause the money, so the big question is: why do they do this? Do they know something?
Also the reason for the project is strange:
The mission is: find such celistial bodies near at the sun, as the scientist thought for.

Ex-Military-worker Marshall Masters thinks that the planet will show up for earth at 2012. Then it will not be longer a secret.

The celistial-body these isnt the only thing for 2012!!!!


The europian- american Sun-observatorium SOHO is really scared.

Months long the sun-activity is death. " This happened the last time at 1913" the british astronom Pete Lawrence told.
The silence before the storm?
At 23.September 2008 then the relaxing: Lawrence and SOHO-experts found a little group of sun-dots showed up again.
The astronomes confirm that a new circle began, which highest point shall be (when others..) at 2012. The sun-dots (hope its the correct word for it) have a circle for 11 years. the next one is 2012. Normaly the earth-magnet-field helps our planet, but the sun-storms are able to change the geomagnetic field of the world.
Also they are able to change the pole-shift of our world.


A project Web.Bot (end of 90er) can make prognoses of the "undermind of the civilisation" simple called as internet. The prognoses of this program were 2001 able to tell that something will happen. And: everybody remember the big event at september..
Now this program shows the next important date: 2012

6.point and last:

2012 the experts are shure that a big oil-collapse will happen. First in history the fields of oil get empty.
First in time the world will have 10 cities with more as 15 millions people. Experts of epidemic are shure that more of 15 millions people in a small room will be critical. The medicine will not be able to hold those. and the medics will collapes.

also we have:
Nostradamus, who saw a catastroph into the years 2011 and 2012 (not shure if he meant atom-bombs),
and the study of the china 1 Ging. The Ethnologe Terence McKenna found a system which time-circle began 5000 years ago and will end: of course: at the scary date: 21.12.2012...

end of article.

This isnt only my version for the date 2012.. those facts stand in the article. I only translated it at my best and hope you dont fall over me for this.

I know many threads are written now, but i thought those facts shall be come together.

Show me your thoughts about it


Nia Wind

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 10:49 AM

""Ex-Military-worker Marshall Masters thinks that the planet will show up for earth at 2012. Then it will not be longer a secret.""

the planet will show up 2010.
not 2012...

ok.. thats all


posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 10:53 AM
Its already here, take cover OMG, please please. watch the chemtrails and the south sky, for it will be revealed as lightening will be from east to west. Do not depair for thou is not forsaken....

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by NW111

Nia, thanks for translating a fascinating story about a magazine article that has many sources of information relating to 2012, you did a really good job translating it; but what is scary about all of that information?

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by guessing

yeah i saw a new star or something too.
it always comes at one of the first.. in the south.. traveling from east to west.. and dissapears after 3 hours.
but i am not shure.
Some say its Venus, others say its a satelite..
is it planet x?
i am not shure..


posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

for me its scaring that such a magazine brings out an article like that.
first it was only a "myst" in the web.
but such a magazine?
only the reason that this magazine brought it out, is scary for me.
with all those facts..


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