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very shortly the 9/9/2007 and gaza

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 10:16 AM
Very shortly
Rafik al-Hariri (1944-2005), prime minister of Lebanon from 1992 to 1998 and from 2000 to 2004.
Al-Hariri was killed in February 2005 when a massive bomb destroyed his motorcade. His assassination plunged Lebanon into a political crisis, with tensions running high between the anti-Syrian opposition and the Syrian-backed government over the issue of who was responsible.
In late June the final round of Lebanon’s parliamentary elections, which were held over successive weeks, appeared to confirm that a majority of Lebanese voters preferred a country free of Syrian influence. An anti-Syrian alliance, led by Hariri’s son, Saad Hariri, captured 72 of 128 seats in the National Assembly. In July Lahoud, who continued to resist calls for his resignation, appointed an anti-Syria prime minister, Fuad Saniora, a longtime aide of Rafik Hariri and a former finance minister.

In early 2005 Syria’s presence in Lebanon came under renewed criticism following the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik al-Hariri. Syria was widely accused of being involved in the assassination. A United Nations Security Council resolution mandated Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon, and in late April 2005 Syria announced that it had completely withdrawn its forces.

After that tow names was entered as the main involved in the assassination:
M A-A & Shk, those tow men are the strongest commanders in the fundamental position in the Syrian forces and in the same time they are the most enemies to Israel and Zionism as many of Syrian peoples.
Then 2006 war between Lebanon and Israel.
Then 2008 – 2009 Gaza block and massacre, this is the point!
Until the war against Palestinian people in Gaza Iran had widely instigate the Arab people to defiance against their governments to move them out and making a coup and go to fight Israel.
But the main conspiracy is:
Getting rid of the main Anti-Zionism M A-A & Shk the main enemies to Israel to stop them from any defense if the Syrian people had responded to Iran instigation and the secret conspiracy is the traitorousness of the traitor's agent's military officers to make a big coup and go with Iran to their plan against Israel.
But, not the Zionism Israelis is the target no at all; the target is the real Jews to terminate them from existence.
The Zionism people in Israel are not care about the religious or any kind of worships.
And they are very easy to enter Iran's culted Islam (Evil Cult), so the forecast in Islam about freeing Palestine had been realized.
Then Iran dream is to enter the Arab Golf area and command the Arab people against Israel then liberating Palestine is a big international conspiracy.
Then the fabricated cult will be rise as union cult to the entire world, and the Armor Intercontinental Ballistic Missile will take care about any noninterference from the communist countries (Atheists).
But all of that had been frustrated early at date 9/9/2007.
Now they are not what important there is a many of them waiting for the judgment

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 11:56 AM

John Ben Abraham (Yahweh): one of the leader of (Zionism & Muslim Brotherhood) by order from Lebanon, he on surface (a dummy), as I know, he called the teacher; a many have the same nickname (the teacher), and he is the superintendent for what called ( if any questioning accrue with him, you will find his memory is empty and he is very actor and deceitful, his son know how to bring out his memory.
All of the real commanders are hidden and the most of them in Lebanon under name of Hezbolla who murdered
Rafik al Hariri to getting rid of the tow most anti-Zionism in Syria, and leading the (rest) of some Syrian commanders under threat (adultery films) and others Treacherous (and they will be arrest soon).
Now both are in France with the others and the rest are in Lebanon and Syria and Iran.
I'm not sure if the names of Iranian's has been changed they have a Lebanese nationality (haj-adel , haj-abbas , haj-wafik , adib , abd-alhalim , adb-alaziz, surname (kwifati , shwikany) kinsfolk of assistant director of Hassan Nasralla (Naeem Kasem) and some of the others surnames (dairawan) & (saab)).

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