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357 vs. the 45

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 09:41 PM
Conventional wisdom dictates that a revolver is more reliable than a semi-auto. However, I have shot both .357 Mag revolvers and .45 ACP semi-autos. Obviously, I've never experienced a jam with the revolver. My .45's have had the actions, slides, ramps and ports worked, so they have never jammed on me. But I have experienced jamming with stock .45's firing wadcutter target rounds.

On the other hand, a semi-auto holds more rounds and reloads faster than a revolver. But if you can't hit a target 20 feet away with six rounds, then it's not the gun's fault.

As for stopping power, in a self defense situation, you're likely at very close range. So the heavier but lower velocity .45 slug seems best.

And finally, even though no one has yet mentioned it, it is much easier to find .45 rounds than .357 Mag or .38 Spcl rounds, since the .45 ACP is used by the military. After the breakdown of civilized society, this may be a very important consideration:-)

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by backyard guru

The thing about a .22 round that scares the living **** out of me is terminal ballistics.

I've seen guys shot with a .22 in the shoulder. Right now, you're thinking, "not too bad," but then it turned down, chewed up some serious lung tissue, tore a hole in the liver, perforated intestines in a few places, and ended up coming out of the inside of his knee.

It absolutely ruined everything in between.

Let me say this. Those who make a living killing, use the .45 for a reason. All the Special Ops people carry .45's. Elite law enforcement personnel have returned to the .45.

The bullet has been proven in combat for almost five decades. Not just guessed at, but proven for almost 100 years. Bullet diameter, mass, and a relatively low velocity impart a lot of energy on the target.

You use what you feel comfortable with. I CC a Kimber 3" Ultra CDP II, that I added Crimson Trace Laser sights to, and in the dark, I don't have to worry about my sight picture, nor whether or not they're going down.

It's light, it's reliable, concealable, flat, it's fast, and very comfortable in the hand.

And very deadly.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by riff_raff

Revolvers do jam trust me, if you reload and don't seat the primers deep enough the revolver will jam when the Barrel rotates over to the round that has the primer slightly proud of its recess.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 06:16 PM
Ok guys listen up. I was a SWAT team armorer for 6 yrs. Vietnam vet. Some of you guys are right. It's not so much the caliber but where you hit someone to stop them instantly or in other words to keep them from returning fire.
It also depends on how much you have been shooting as to which weapon you should buy for combat self defense. A 9mm is a good bet because it normally hold the most ammo. The Berretta hold 18 rounds is a solid weapon and not to costly. A 357 revolver is nice because you can shoot 38 special ammo and 357 and 38 colt ammo. Remember you can shoot 380 Cal. in any (9mm hand gun but you must cock it between each shot and you may get a jam known as a stove pipe but with practice it is easy to clear your weapon. With all the new ammo available it is not so much the caliber of the weapon now days but the Ammo. I have a 380 cal back up stainless steel 6 shot loaded with Mag-safe. this 380 ammo hits as hard as a 45 or a 357 cal. yes it is expensive but when your life is at stake you want the best. I also carry mag-safe 45 ammo.foot lbs of energy delivered over a 1,000 lbs. so buy good ammo. Do not buy a good gun and then buy cheap ammo. Know what you want ahead of time carry a verity of ammo, FMJ vs hollow point vs pre-frag like mag-safe etc.etc. know what you are going to engage and load magazines accordingly. ahead of time . You will not have time to do it during a firefight. Some firefights are over in less than two seconds, I know I have been there. THINK AHEAD AND PLAN WELL. ......KMG

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