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My ufo experiance

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 07:45 PM
This is my first post here on ATS, I felt like it was time to stop just browsing and put in my own 2 cents from my experiences. Sorry about retracting my story last night, needed to change a few things.

Ok, where to start. First off I would like to point out that I know my writing ability is lackluster and that I’m horrible at grammar and spelling so, with that known, here I go.

Throughout my life I’ve had these strange “sightings”, I know many people can’t believe without pictures and such but please believe me when I tell you what I saw.

My earliest recollection of an encounter happened when I was very young. I think I was about 4-6 years of age. Something I want to point out about this encounter is that I remember this from a very early age. This was before I ever even saw a UFO documentary, before I even knew what one was. Alright with that out of the way I’ll continue. I remember when I had a room all to myself in my old home. I woke up in the middle of the night, got out of my “tent bed” (yes I had a tent bed because I didn’t like seeing out the window when I was younger _javascript:icon('
') ) for some reason I was compelled to go to the window. I remember looking out the window on a semi lit up night from the moon. What I saw I will never get out of my head. When I looked up there was this disc shaped craft just sitting there in the night. There were lights around the whole perimeter of this craft and it made no sound. Then as I was watching it move slowly towards my neighbor’s house, I saw a beamish white light go towards their house. After a few minutes the craft was gone and I returned to my bed.

I have only told few people about this sense then because let’s face it; people don’t believe such wild sounding stories. But this is not where I stop writing on ATS, this is only the first thing that’s happened.

It wasn’t until recent years in my life that I started to truly believe in ufo/aliens. Ok now for the second encounter I have had.

One night this last summer I was hanging out with two of my buds. They were “out of it” that night and I was just hanging out with them. We were outside on top of a hill where if I looked to the east I could see a over the tree line, but I couldn’t see the lake in which I live next to. After about a half hour or so something caught my eye. Off in the distance was an orange-reddish looking thing in the sky towards the lake in which I was talking about earlier. I was staring at it, my eyes were opened wide. This object was moving in very irregular patterns. First it went up, then it made a 90 degree turn and moved far to the right, then it went back down. This type of movement continued for about 20-30 seconds then this object moved behind a bunch of trees heading south. The whole time I’m looking at the object I’m saying to my friends, look at that, what the # is it, but since my friends were “out of it” their dept of view was very short. So instead of having three people to tell a story about ufo’s you have only one for this part ._javascript:icon('

Later that night we moved our location to my other friend’s house about a mile and a half south down the road. We were in their basement, their parents where gone on a trip somewhere I can’t remember. We were all sitting downstairs in their house just talking. All of a sudden my friend says “what the” I look up and see a bright light shining in from the top window in his room( the window is about one and half feet wide by maybe 10 inches tall and is at ground level). I noticed the light from a reflection from a poster that was behind me. We were all looking at each other asking “what in the # was that”, we hurry up and head outside to see if someone was there or anything of the sort. But just as the light had come it had gone away. This sent a shiver down my back because I was already freaking out about the other light I saw earlier. At least my friends can admit about the second light since it was closer. I know people can come up with their own idea of what the light was but it defiantly freaked me out. It wasn’t his parents, I know that for sure. The only other things I can think that it could have been was maybe a helicopter shining a search light down(but it made no sound) or maybe someone who was thinking about maybe breaking into their house. Either way it gave me an eerie feeling about the night. So about a half hour after this happened I went home and slept on what I saw. Ok so for the more recent thing that has happened.

The whole reason I’m writing this is because of what happened early Saturday morning. I had just gotten back from watching the watchmen (may I add I liked it but it could of have been better) with my girlfriend. I had just dropped her off about 10 minutes earlier. I had just gotten home, and started my normal routine, which the first thing is making sure all my outside doors are locked. As I started to lock the door to the lower level of my house something caught my eye. As I was looking I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a round black object sitting in the snow just 7-10 feet away from the door. This thing was about 2-3 feet in diameter and stood about 2-3 feet tall. As I was staring it didn’t move, didn’t make one single movement. The night was pretty bright out because the moon was about 2/3 full. I tried to turn the outside light on but it wouldn’t work, without thinking I hit the inside light and quickly turned it on, but the object still just stayed there. This thing wasn’t a dog, bear, or any animal I could think of being in this part of the country. It looked like it was lightly egg shaped, but its edges were defiantly rounded. After about 30 seconds of looking at it I felt that I need not worry about what it was, so I went to my chair and sat down. I don’t know why I didn’t go get my phone and try to take a picture or video of it. Then basically I went to my chair turned on the TV and fell asleep.

You can choose to believe or not believe in my words, but I can honestly say 100% that I’m not telling you anything other than the truth.
Thank you for reading.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 08:12 PM
I'm going to read your post about 10 more times or so, but, at this point I'd like you to be prepared to answer questions you don't expect. I want you to ignore the comments that make you mad. Don't respond to posts that try to insult you. Just let them pass.

Good luck and welcome to ATS.


....going back to read....

-Your writing ability is fine. I understand you.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by UfoMan1111

Man, sounds like them aliens totally pwned you after watching the watchmen.

They even made you look totally dumb. First they show you the space ship, and you just ignore it. I mean, they just, like told you *EVERYTHING* before they put you sound to sleep in front of the tv and did their thing.

You just got totally played by some aliens that, couldn't be more that 2 feet by 2 feet (no other way they could fit in that spaceship you described).

Their brains must have been the size of a peanut, and they totally schooled you dude.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 11:52 PM
Hi, thanks for sharing your experiences with ATS. Please do take the advice of ignoring people who aren't genuinely curious and interested.

I have a couple of questions. Even though you went to sleep feeling calm about what you had just seen, did you wake feeling the same way?
Did you always have an aversion to looking out windows at night-time as a child?
Have you told anyone else about your recent experience?
Any weird feelings or sensations since waking from that night?

Yup, that was more than a couple
forgive me my curiousness!


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