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To Help The Economy, We Must Embrace Socialist Ideals

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 11:44 AM
Yep like i said so many times, obama needs 100million gang stalkers, this will get americans money and there lust for violence and torture will be lit up, and satisfied.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by djvexd

The philosophy of Socialism/Communism is not perfect. How can it be perfect to allow the STATE to make most decisions for the people?

How can it be perfect that a few people in power who are claimed to "work for the people" have ALL CONTROL?

Let me put it as an anology.

Have any of you watched the movie "Equilibrium"?

The movie is set in the future, after mankind had fought another third world war. One man which is called throughout the movie as "father" and is the highest leader of those who are in power, came to the conclusion that much of the problem in the world are "feelings", and since mankind cannot survive another world war then "feelings" must be outlawed. This is done by people taking frequently a chemical suppressant that doesn't allow them to feel anything. People just follow every law, even if many of the laws are wrong.

People who do not take the chemical become outlaws and are prosecuted by policy/military, and by the highest representativees of the law the "clerics," who are trained specialists in "gun katas" which in the movie is a new form of Martial Art using dual guns. The people not taking the chemical suppressant are charge with "having feelings" and are eventually disposed of by execution.

Anyways, what happens is that all those people taking the chemical become "robots" just so they don't have feelings of anger, hate, etc. But the thing is the chemical used to suppress these bad feelings also suppresses good feelings, which not only turns people into robots, but they become apathetic, and don't feel love for anything.

In truth that is one of the goals of Socialism/Communism, to suppress individualism, destroy all semblance of spirituality and transform people into "robots." But of course for the most part this doesn't happen, as most people continue to be individuals.

Socialism/Communism sorry to say will never work. I have seen, and heard how some westerners who are idealists, and who have never in their entire lives experienced the goal of Socialism, or "scientific Socialism"/Communism, and they continue to "believe" Socialism will solve all problems in the world when the contrary has occurred.

A lot of members in this website LOVE to bash "Capitalism". They blame Capitalism for the Vietnam war, and for all evil, and wars that have been fought around the world, and these same people LOVE to IGNORE the fact that "SOCIALIST" nations were behind many if not most of these wars.

In order to fight a war you need at least two oponents, and the one force trying to suppress Capitalism, and freedom has always been Socialism/Communism.

The problems in the United States started when American presidents decided to start transforming the REpublic into a Socialist paradise, starting with ex-President Woodrow Wilson who gave power over the economy of the Republic of the United States to the Socialist elites/feds. Now these people are claiming that to "help the economy and the nation the Republic must embrace more Socialism"?....

If you want to experience the goal of Socialism/Communism just send me a U2U and I can make some arrangements with my family in Cuba so you can live with them and see how good "Socialism/Communism" is.

You think what this movie represents is not what those who want to implement Socialism/Communism want? You need to watch again the video interview of the FBI agent who infiltrated "Weather Underground" and see that these Socialists bastards were even making plans on how to execute as many as 25 million Americans who won't accept Socialism/Communism... And to them these executions would also be an example, and a show of force against ALL other Americans...

Not only that, but what is happening to the Republic of the United States has been the slow transformation into Socialism, and now through the Obama administration we are seeing these changes happening faster, and these "changes" are not good in the least.

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

I think you misunderstood the nature of my post. Let me clarify. Socialism/Communism/Marxism is portrayed by the authors and philosophers as being a perfect means of equality, IN THEORY. These authors and philosophers never get into the nitty gritty of the people who implement it. When these concepts are taught in colleges and propagandized to people they are always given a utopian edge to the philosophies. What the fail to mention as I said first thing in my post was that neither philosophy EVER stays within it's, so called utopian boundaries. Why? Because the people that want to lead us to these ideals are not interested in helping only ruling and once the frame work is in place they ALWAYS expand thier powers outside of the original framework, ala Venezuela, Cuba and other nations that have fell into the pitfalls of the believing the propaganda. It is like injecting yourself with an miracle cure for some debilitating disease only to find out the needle was infected with HIV. Sounds great at first......
BTW I have not watched Equilibrium but will check it out.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by djvexd

Part of my post was in response to yours, but most of it was a response to the OP, and to those who agree in transforming the Republic of the United States into a Socialist dictatorship.

BTW, I am not saying the OP is a Socialist/Communist. I am talking about the idea he is presenting, and he is questioning, which the government, and the Socialist elites are trying to impart, and indoctrinate into Americans to accept the changes towards a Socialist state (dictatorship)

I agree with most of what you said, and i realize that i should have made it clear that the part where I say that some people should experience what Socialism/Communism really is before they continue to believe in the lies they have been indoctrinated into believing, was a general response to those who want the Republic to become a Socialist dictatorship.

At the end that's what the goal of real, or "scientific Socialism" and Communism is, to suppress individualism "for the good of the whole", to suppress spiritualism "for the good of the whole", and in general to subjugate a whole nation to the Socialist ideals which are ALWAYS dictated, and interpreted by a few.

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 08:32 PM
While we are on the topic of "smart" people and what type of positions/degrees they hold...

Let us look at the root of the problem. In order to get into these prestigious colleges, the fight starts in MIDDLE school, followed by high school.

There are many smart people who "see the light" half way through their high school career, or at the very last minute.

I just find it strange that you are always told that you can be anything you want when you grow up, but are not told of the real importance of "school" (if that is the path you wish to take).

Seems our wealthier members of society are generally filled with a selective group of people...if you get what I am saying.

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