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Recent UFO dreams

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 09:47 AM
Hi everyone. Since last year when I foolishly thought there were NO ET presences on earth and decided to ask for help in unblocking my DNA and help in ascension, and well my life was turned on it's heels, I have had a fair amount of UFO arrival dreams, and they are very very lucid. I do not remember normal type of dreams to any extent.

To date I had had three lucid arrival dreams. Very detailed each one with a overtone or message, that I had to realize about the arrival.

It is my thought that many of us are receiving clues through these dreams as to what to expect in the future, and the nature of the arrivals. So I will post those three dreams on the end of this thread. And I was hoping others could do the same, and then we can see if there is any correlation between them.

For purity of the thread, the dream must have happened prior to this thread. That way we know that directly we are not just taking another person's dream and filtering it.

Let me know if anyone else would like to do this, and I will write up these three dreams.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 10:25 AM
You know, I almost started a thread about the very same thing. I have always believed in ET's/trans-dimensionals. However, within the last several months things have been very odd for me also. I have had 3 dreams of meeting the greys. What's odd about that is that I'm a lucid dreamer and I remember all of my dreams in great detail. Not these. All I can remember is seeing them approach me and feeling not scared, but intimidated. Then me and my husband walk toward a bright light, that's all. Now to coincide with this, we have both had odd experiences. I have all the sudden starting see 9:11, 11:11, 7:11, 4:44, 3:33 all the time. I have seen 2 ufos over our nearby airport in the last year that started at the same time as the Stephensville sightings. We are exactly northeast of there. That's a whole other story though. My husband has seen our house engulfed with an immense light that he thought was a helicopter spotlight, yet no sound or visual when he looked outside. My husband is a skeptic by the way. Within a two days, there was a large round dead area in the backyard. No, not fungus either.
Something is going on. I have never dreamed of ET's before, and no I wasn't watching something on TV either. I just find it odd that I have always believed and studied as much as I could about the ufo's, but just now am having dreams about them.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 10:30 AM
I have UFO dreams all the time! Not sure what to make of them but there are so many I wont even begin trying to describe them. Maybe some of you bright ATS'ers could shine some light on possible theories for having these types of dreams.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 11:33 PM

I am standing there inside a scene with much commotion. There is a man who is half naked running around screaming beet red, looking like a fat pig. There is another person who just looks human poking him with a long stick, like a horse crop, but it is giving the person a shock and the person who is using the stick is trying to get the guy to go somewhere, but he is too worked up and crazy.

Then I realize that there is a big ship on the ground in front of me and then I look up and over my shoulder and there is this miles long ship part of which is over me. It was making a strange low vibration, and it had turrets kind of outcrops, hundreds of them jutting out from the sides. Inside those outcrops there was a creatures, obviously intelligent working the controls. One had a big hooked beak, got the impression it was a male, and was sort of grayish blue with a big shell on his back. He was working controls sitting there in this glass turret very busy controlling something on the ground, I noticed how intense he was

I then thought of a harvest. The first thing I was thinking is that humans were being rounded up and being harvested, however I knew I might be confusing it, so I decided to relax. Basically the scene was pandemonium, they had lost their minds, running around half dressed, scared to death.

I decided there was nothing I could do, and decided to just relax and enforce my choices through free will. So I went over to a park bench and sat down and just observed everyone running around.

Finally one of the men with a stick came over and asked me if I could help, and gave me a stick. He said our job was to calm people down and get them into the ship. So I said sure, I can help.

And then another guy came out and said, "Hey they want him inside, he is a contact or something". So that guy takes me inside. As I enter the cargo bay of this immense ship there are many forms of life there, and some really really big humans. 9 feet or so.

So they lead me into a room and as I enter there is this small little man there with a bald head. He was very happy, and the best way I could describe him was that old Star Trek episode with a small alien who pretended he was this Belkin character. However he was dressed simple and really friendly.

So I sit down and look at him and I notice on his left hand he has deformed fingers. They were twisted, almost like overgrown fingernails, and not good looking, and I got the sense of corrupted DNA, or damaged, but he was so happy. So I reach out with my hand and place it on his and I felt compassion for him, and he instantly knew what I felt and he was instantly appreciative for my caring. I then realized this small person had alot of love and was there to help, not hinder.

End of dream

(A month or so ago I got reading Nanci's material on Zeta Talk. She describes most of the life forms I saw in my dream including the little man and the turtle shell life form.) Then the other day I noticed that this Gridfinder on youtube has a new photo of this super lone space ship in orbit, and it looks like what I saw in my dream. So who is to know, but it is kind of a coincidence I guess.

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 11:43 PM

This was a very strange dream, and totally different in many ways than the first dream.

I noticed fighter jets in the air. And then all the sudden I realized they were going towards this big ship in the sky. It seems to me the best description would be a big black ship, as in sailing ship. It was almost like a sea ship in the sky. And the fighters were taking runs at the ship but hitting some kind of barrier and bouncing off of it. The big ship was taking no action.

And then in the sky next to the ship was this two big ships that looked like Eagles. It is the best way to describe them, I have never quite seen that shape in a TV show, but the color of dark brown was familiar. It was very strange, these two ships were on a skewed angle as if in mid flight, just hanging there, sort of twisted in the sky. There was no movement, they were not worried about the fighters.

Then there was smaller ships descend from the big one and those ships hit the group and large humanoids came out, but they were technically advanced and there was balls of light at their feet. In my dream I had read the description of cherubim from the bible and Ezekiel, and I thought, oh that is what a cherubim is, wow.

And these humanoids started throwing plasma balls, again the best way to describe it might be like in a video game. As they hit people the people fell, but I got the impression that they were not being killed but somehow they were being raised, or changed in vibration.

So I step up and have the humanoid throw one at me, and that is the end of the dream.

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