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Unsearchable video's Discussion

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 05:36 PM
You know if you dont know the name of some of these 911 video's you cant find them ... meaning you cant search them out using keywords.

example... go to google and have google locate ... The New Hiroshima ...
now you couldnt just stumble on to it could you... but its there if you type the whole thing in....

I wonder if we should start a movie library of keywords for google ... I guess YouTube is google .... what do you think .... censorship or blacklisted video's or something darker for a future date - when all will know ... and all will demand Justice ... can we sue Google and all the Media stations for violating the spirit of our Constitutional Union ... and then how in the heck are they going to prosecute themselves.... lots of brain sparks firing tonight.... so tell me what you think of this kind of information denial. and list stuff you know thats unsearchable....

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