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Just one more war...

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posted on Jan, 30 2003 @ 08:06 PM
Well I was reading "Muslims and their Dreams" post by NetChicken and wouldn't you know, the only thing on my mind was muslims "pretending" to convert and then blowing up churches finally hit me...there will be only ONE more war

Man kind can't fight for any reason now, due to the severity of such a war, other than one simple reasons, religion!

And boy wouldn't that be a brawl, a true Armeggeddon!

Unlike all the religious wars of the past, this one would include the bombings of cathedrals//mosques//buddhist temples//shrines everything religious would be bombarded "religiously" by people of different religions...all it would take is ONE! simple spark, that really sets both sides off, and it would be an irreversible "Aeon of Strife".

What would rise from the ash? Either complete desolation and one religion, or more likely, a man//woman (damn political correctness...second thought, no political correctness
) man...who'd appeal to soldiers of ALL sides, with one idea!

That...or and I'm being serious here, not biased
freemasonry...freemasonry grows best through military lodges, because when the bullets are flying, and your foxhole buddy is one, you tend to care less about all that "satanism poobah" stuff, and give it a try..I suppose.

So either way...I'm betting it'll be a single dude, who'll say somethign that hits a corde with everyone, and there'll be a mass conversion after about 3 billion dead
to some extremely fanatical and militaristic religion.

Anyways...just one more war, and it won't be benificial to anyone
cause once people start blowing up ancient religious sites, it's a no holds bar!

First come the nukes, then when men can no longer hurl nukes because technology has been so desolated...they'd pick up what conventional weapons are left and hurl themselves at eachother.

We just best watch to keep from rousing the religious zealism in anyone

Enough ramblings...back to work!

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posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 12:08 PM
Sounds like Hell. I wouldn't want a religious militeristic(sp?) country.(much like our own, though many don't see it)

Free thought would end, the very few "free minded people"(people who accept all sides as personal opinion) would be out casts.

Aethiests? Where would they go. The loosing side? Some people would still hold a grudge.

The only thing that would appeal to me would be a society(not religion) that gave eveyone equal rights, equal pay(house, land, food, clothes, ect...) for working for the betterment of the world. To feed starving people and house the homeless. Every body would have the right to opinion, of religion, what kind of religion, or nonreligion.

Of course, this is impossible, Human kind must overcome its ignorace first. Second, with the overcoming of ignorance, would automatically be the end of greed.

But sadly, as I said, it is impossible. It's a flaw, it will never go away.

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