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SCUMBAG Found by FBI // R. Allen Stanford

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:53 PM
When I hear about them doing good things like getting scumbags off the streets ... you know that little thing called Chaos comes to mind knowing they work both sides of the street creating as well as controlling society to promote a certain Solution or Agenda.

I usually wait for a trial by jury before passing judgement - but there are so many of these scams going on - if they did what needs to be done it would collapse the economy like a house of cards ... they might be going after the Maverick - Independant - Scumbags if you will -- trying to bring some justice to the newspapers to make people feel a little better. totally overlooking - 911 - and Martial Law etc, etc, etc,

any way score one for the FBI - remember, I dont think they work for us, check out Terry Nichols and OK City that mornings News reports and follow up articles. >>??? and you also may want to ask the ATF what they were storing in the building that did not go off... and that was allowed and there was a day care facility ... >? what kind of monsters are we putting up with.... >?>>

R. Allen Stanford

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