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2 proofs of UFO

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 03:03 PM
Hi guys,

Its my first post but i read things here quite often,
Just to introduce me first ; I’m a 27 yrs male living in Montreal (Qc) Canada.. French speaking with a good English

I have decided for the first time to speak officially about 2 things in me that I strongly think are UFO proof ;
1 : in memory
2 : under my skin

So let me tell you first about the sighting I had.. of course I can be wrong about the first thing and second thing
But after many year of thinking about that(them) trying to explain it to myself,
The only explanation to logic was UFO related,
When I was young for my primary school 4 to 6 grade (7to12 yrs maybe don’t really remember my age exactly)
I was going to a school named Marie Clarac School, one was located in Montreal and the other one was located in St-Donat, I was in the one at St-Donat in the north
The school is deep inside a forest in a mountainous region, our school was located in some high ground,
to drive to there my parents had to go into a small road made of dirt and rocks and we had to drive through that for about 10 min,

Has for my sighting I think I was in my fifth grade, we didn’t have individual sleeping room(at least 30 children sleeping in the same big room with superposed bed)
I was sleeping in the top bed ( the little top window wasn’t cover very much by some curtain )
So I was able to see at night outside, it was at least 20 min after we did go to sleep, few were still awake
It was dark outside with the moon but not so bright, I was able to see the form of the mountain with the trees on the other side of the small river.. from my window, it was in autumn I’m pretty sure of it,
the condition was perfect no light at all in the room or outside I can still remember clearly the image in my head even after fifteen years,
So I was checking outside from the windows, I think my head was on my pillow and then from the corner of my eyes something caught my attention,
So I put my head in the windows to see it more clearly and something was moving quite slowly ( 40 to 80 km/hrs ) the other side of the river,
It was not at the top or the bottom but in the middle,
It was moving left to right and it was going around the mountains until it disappear ( don’t remember clearly how it disappear, I think another neighbor mountain was cutting the end so
I couldn’t see more of the object ) no other light was near of it… it was really alone in the dark.. moving on its course.
maybe it was some kind of a drone but it’s not easy to tell if somebody or something was inside it

The description of the object :
Don’t remember clearly the form of it ( I think it was an oval form or a full circle or square .. it was quite to dark to distinguish the form of it )
I think it measured around 3 to 5 meter maybe a little bit more and approximately the same thing in vertical.. it’s hard to say but wasn’t so big or to small
But what made me notice it, it had some nice light of different color ( blue, red, yellow, green, orange… I think that was all the color it had )
If I remember it correctly the color was not flashing but changing place like Christmas lights does (left to right),
At first thought.. I was thinking it was a ice cream van.. but in the middle of the night with his light flashing .. !!
And I’m 100% sure it was not some siren of a police car or ambulance
The object was quite beautiful from my side near the mountain on the other side of the small river with all the different color in the dark,
I don’t really remember if it had 2 row of those color lights or only one… I think 2 since I remember the supposed ice cream van was quite well decorated with these color
I had the feeling if I was near the object I would have go straight to it by curiosity and the color but I was in bed and it was a pretty long walk in the forest to go to it and I wouldn’t be able to catch it..

to continu..

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 03:05 PM
I wasn’t alone who had see the object.. my neighbor top bed who suddenly say something around ( what the hell is that )
And we looked at it until it was gone and after that we slept but I was thinking of it trying to explain it with logic reason ( ice cream van going through the night on a mountain with color lights ).
Next day since it was still clearly in my memory I went outside and I had to check with the day light where the object was to see if there was any road for the ice cream van to go..
I was quite in little chock noting the mountain was steep slope so no road on it with many trees with no leafs and clearly from my side of view.. no roads.
But last night the object was really there so I couldn’t believe myself, I have tried to talk with the guy who saw it like me but he was like he didn’t really care about it unlike me.
I’m still able to locate the spot where it always verifiable to check if there was really a road there ( maybe I wasn’t able to see a horizontal road from my side even at day lights)
I’m pretty sure there was no road there..
To be able to go on the mountain starting from where I saw the object would be an absolute proof of a UFO and nothing else if really there is no roads.

I have tried to Google Earth it but it wasn’t pictured by the satellite yet… so it’s all blurry hard to located anything
With Google map it was okay but I cannot pinpoint to location of the school,+rue+Principale&sll=46.321593,-74.211917&sspn=0.027563,0.065918&ie=UTF8&ll=46. 309233,-74.19488&spn=0.055139,0.131836&z=14&iwloc=addr
you can see that its near a huge forest park surrounding st-donat
the school have closed its door in 2008 the summer camp didn’t close
I went to both.. school and summer camp.. it’s the same place

Second thing or proof..
I may have something under my skin..(implant ?)
I had it on my left butt cheek for more than 10 yrs and it had never change in size or the way I feel it under my skin (hard) and it didn’t move of its initial place over all the years
It something the size of a grain of rice the half of it.. and the grain look like to be flat …
When I touch it I can feel it’s quite deep under my skin, not so deep but I can tell it’s not a pimple or a mole the surface is a little bit red/smooth pink depend if I touch it too much to feel the thing that is inside
maybe a little scar .. ? but never had any accident in my memory near that place to have left something inside ..
The first time I had noticed it.. it was because of a toilette seat the inside corner of the seat was right on it and I felt a little pain, felt exactly like I had some little rock inside my cheek making a pressure on my skin with the hard plastic seat
And it was hurting..
I have talk about it to my father in law who is a doctor but he didn’t really examine it and said that it was probably a little hair that as grown under my skin for some time
But I strongly doubt of it since nothing have ever change with the spot or the thing inside my skin same hard feeling when I press it under two finger
But at least doesn’t look like anymore its hurt on a toilette seat maybe it was a different seat from another home that I had lived.
So it’s quite strange since its being a very long time a have this and if it was to heal by itself it would have done it a long time ago
And yesterday I wanted to feel it again between fingers and it’s the same hard feeling, something small and hard under my skin is there
I never had anything on my body the same as that and it’s the same size it was when I discovered it .. nothing as change.

to continu..

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 03:08 PM
I’m not really ready to extract it but it’s always possible to scan it, but I would need some good reason to extract it..
Since this implant can be there for good purpose or to locate me in some not distant future for whatever reasons.. we never know
And why me ?… but if it’s for bad purpose so it can be extracted of course.

So there it is you have all the information and description of my maybe two proof.
Which one do you feel is more interesting since those 2 things might really be some heavy proof that UFO from maybe other planet exist
The first thing would be to check the road if there was really one and second thing I might have something under my butt cheek skin
I may be wrong to both but why over the year a realize that its unexplainable and might be related more to UFO than logic answer
I know we are not alone in the universe and I’m pretty sure other civilization are curious about us so the possibility is there and I have an open mind about it
but I can be skeptic to..

So the questions are :

1 - What they were looking for in the forest going around some mountain in the dark with multicolor lights … near from our school ?

2 - What do I have under my skins and for what purpose .. ? did anyone had something like that(implant) there before.. ?

Hope someone can have some answers on those 2 things or maybe someone have heard of this kind of story before
Or is there some logic explanations for that and it’s not UFO related or yes it is because someone notice some similarities with my story and other stories..

PS: sorry for my bad English with some words

Have a good day everyone

Will be nice if anyone can answer me on this

And I’m serious about what I have just told .. it’s no joke

i might be wrong we never know but i might be right to

thank you

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 03:29 PM
i suggest you did a scan and come back asap
As soon as possible!

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 03:29 PM
[edit on 19/2/2009 by GEORGETHEGREEK]

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 03:38 PM
yes i have think of that ..
maybe i should.. to have the bottom of this once and for all
i dont know if both are related
maybe the implant was put there when i was there ??
coincidential or not

or maybe it is not but i will be surprise if its nothing
its to small and to hard to be something else
i do not know when i will have it scan but i will come here to report it

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