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Order and Chaos Revisited

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 11:47 PM
For those of you who never read the original thread, Last year I started the thread "Order and Chaos" with the hopes of finding some input to help me understand something that I was seeing that I called the Art of Order. I had some great replies and for that I am truly thankful. Yet, despite all the help, I still remained discontent. I felt that I was still missing something.

Well, another piece of the puzzle has been added. I believe the whole picture is still incomplete, but that’s okay. I’m still searching, but until then go ahead and read on, and please, let me know what you think.

Intuitively we all have the ability to see the pleasant flow of symmetry in life, whether it be in the graceful majesty of a magnificent oak tree, or the exquisite power and strength of a noble stallion. Most of us can easily see when art is actually pleasing to the eye or unattractive. I also believe that we all can see when a man or woman is disproportionate due to obesity; we would unanimously agree that obesity is unattractive when compared to a person who is physically fit. It is a natural ability we all have to see when something is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The same way we know someone is singing beautifully, or playing an instrument with genuine talent and skill. I like to simply think of it as symmetry.

Let's take this same principle; the same line of thought concerning symmetry and focus it on the human spirit. When I say spirit, I’m referring to the personality, aura, or atmosphere that each and every one of us creates around ourselves. It isn’t something physically visible, but it is something that we are aware of, even if only on a subconscious level. As an example, sometimes you can meet a perfect stranger and know right away whether you like the person or not. I can’t say why this happens, but I just know it does. I’ve met people that within mere micro seconds I just get irritated by them. I’m still respectful and kind, but I just don’t enjoy being around them… it’s as if they’re emotional vampires. Then you find others that are like dynamos and these people make you feel like you have been recharged and energized. I simply see this as being capable of seeing symmetry in the human spirit.

Now, in focusing the theory of symmetry in the human spirit, I believe that what I have previously called “the Art of Order” is actually a state of mind that causes the individual to be in a meditative state of consciousness which in turn generates a disconnection with the individuals SELF AWARENESS. This type of self awareness disconnection is actually a form of altruism, where the person is in reality more aware of their connection with everyone, rather than just themselves. I believe that many athletes have referred to it as being “in the zone,” but it isn’t just for sports. Anything that requires so much concentration that the individual forgets about themselves and becomes one with whatever it is they are doing, whether singing, dancing, worshipping, martial arts, playing the piano, or even something as simple or routine as washing the dishes.

Anyone who has experienced what I’m speaking of will tell you that this is the perfect place to be. It is the perfect state of mind, but I believe that many of us have only flirted with “the zone.” How many of us actually live there minute by minute, hour after hour, day by day? I am convinced that those of us who will truly evolve and grow into full spiritual maturity will live in this state of awareness that I have previously termed “the Art of Order,” but I now prefer to call it Spiritual Symmetry, or better known as altruism.

What lead me down this path was an article I read about the studies of Brick Johnston. His research showed that people who practice meditation experience a quieting of the “me” definer section of the brain. The component of the brain that you could call the very seat of the ego. I honestly believe that by muffling the signals sent to us by this area of the brain that constantly send us the signals saying, “Me, me, me,” eventually begin to sound more like, “We, we, we…” Making us more altruistic, creating Spiritual Symmetry.

The only question now is how? How do you get into the zone? Not just for a moment and then out of it, but how do you stay there? And more importantly, can you stay there?

I have been there for an entire day. How I got there is yet to be discovered, although I do have my theories. I am still on a journey here, and I will not give up until I have finally arrived, but until then, I'm really enjoying the journey...

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:45 AM
I find chaos to be more beautiful, complex, and desirable than order. Of course, that's coming from a Discordian, but I've always felt this way. Chaos has so many different ways of being, since it's imperfection. There are millions of ways to be imperfect, but only one way of being perfect.

The world needs more beautiful chaos.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:49 AM
There are still more focused places than "the zone" of which you speak.

I started practicing Shaolin qigong many years ago. If you're ready to experience these things on a scale it's unlikely you could even imagine, try qigong or taiji. This is to be approached from the correct mental and emotional state though. It is for physical, mental and spiritual healing when done correctly. It will bring you to center and you can then stay there (for the most part). It makes all things bearable in any case.

Choose a form that is exceedingly gentle. Also, one that fits your budget. Many areas have Falun Dafa qigong that is entirely free. There is no pressure to participate in their other activities at any point. I have wanted to visit them for some time but my own practice is sufficient for now.

We are given signs all the time, if we care to observe them. Chances are you have already been directed toward a discipline that's right for you, be it yoga, taiji, qigong or some other. My sign for qigong came from the Falun Dafa. I worked in a highly secure environment and at one point started getting email from them. I found this odd and asked colleagues if they received the same. No one did. Alright... Well, finally I decided to see what they were all about and read the info about qigong. I didn't go to Falun Dafa because of the nature of my work, it being perceived by some to be a cult (erroneously, I will hastily add!) so I found a Shaolin course starting a week later - and the first one in the country, apparently.

Read the signs.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by sadisticwoman
I find chaos to be more beautiful, complex, and desirable than order. ..

Anyone can produce chaos. As stated in my examples using music, singing, art, etc. Order takes much more ability, talent, and focus. Also, anyone can let themselves go and become grossly overweight… I don’t see the beauty or dignity in that.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt though and say that perhaps I just don’t understand your point of view.

Originally posted by CosmicEgg

There are still more focused places than "the zone" of which you speak….
Read the signs.

Thanks for the feedback. I will certainly look into it.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by apaulo

To clarify a thought you had, I do not necessarily agree with the obesity thought.

Looks perhaps may be an indicator, but to someone who is truly connected, looks are nothing more than the surface of an individual. It is what lies beneath the surface, that makes an individual who they are. A connected person would know this. And while it is within the realm of understanding that looks do play an important role within human society, there are those that absolutely adore others for their flaws, be that overweight or otherwise. The heart and spirit of any person should not be dictated by their outward appearance.
On to other things.

There are those among us that are receptive, more so than most. Some just plain out are not in tune whatsoever. Be it due to environmental conditioning, or otherwise.
I know the feeling of instant annoyance. It's not something that can be explained easily. I would attribute this phenomenon to instinct. By the way I am never wrong when I do not like someone.
the opposite is true as well.

Someone had a picture from a company party, there was this woman in the photo. I knew I had to meet this woman, Not from looks, but from the sweet innocence projected from her eyes. I ended up marrying her.
the spirit is something that will always be subject to interpretation my friend.

My best advise to anyone seeking this particular type of enlightenment, is to stop looking so hard for answers. Feel your way around and take notes of the phenomenons. Before you know it the answers will find you.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 11:13 PM

… I do not necessarily agree with the obesity thought.

… to someone who is truly connected, looks are nothing more than the surface of an individual. It is what lies beneath the surface, that makes an individual who they are…

I totally agree with you.

Perhaps there is a little bit of a misunderstanding here, but I only used obesity as an example that I felt everyone could identify with. I certainly do not judge people by their physical appearance. To do so would be absolutely shallow minded.

I was trying to compare the fact that we can visually detect when something is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with our ability to detect a person’s personality. The real focus needs be on ourselves and our state of mind. When people reach this “zone” where they are basically free from fear… chaos, they’re becoming “spiritual symmetrical, “in my opinion.

Someone had a picture from a company party, there was this woman in the photo…I ended up marrying her.

Wow. Just from viewing a picture… cool.

Thank you for your contribution.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 11:14 PM
I would have to say that overall, my ability to communicate this thought is inadequate. I really lack the words to share it, but my understanding of it is continually growing. Perhaps as time goes on I will be more capable.

To further help explain this “zone” I’ll share a quote from a post I made on another thread…

Long ago I had powerful dream that taught me a great lesson concerning the ego. The dream began vividly real. So real that I thought it was reality; I had memories and thoughts, color, textures, sounds, EVERYTHING. It was just as real as this reality. Then in the dream a middle aged woman whom I respected greatly, began to just rip me apart verbally. The emotional pain I felt was horrendous. I simply felt horrible; like a worthless piece of garbage. Then, suddenly, the dream became lucid. I became perfectly aware that what was going on was really just a dream, and that it wasn’t real. I was in total awe that this was all going on inside my mind. I was in rapt awe that I had created this complex personality who was giving me a verbal lashing, and the realization of this just tickled me. I just started laughing heartily, while the woman’s expression melted with obvious confusion. Suddenly she demanded, “What are you laughing at?”

“This is just a dream.” I said between laughter from the blatant humor of it all, seeing how it was all my own creation. “You’re just a figment of my imagination. You don’t exist.”

A quote I recently came across explains the heart of this dream real well…

“What do we have to fear, you are me after all.”

While in the “zone” all intimidation is gone. All arrogance is gone. You have nothing but peace. I’d like to know of one person that doesn’t struggle with this balance. People are either intimidated or they intimidate, or they shift back and forth.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:41 AM
IApaulo I think you are touching on the right lines in fact I was thinking about this today, we instinctively (there's that word) know when music sounds right for example and we can spot a note out of place very very easily. Similarly when we see a beautiful person for example the majority of people will generally agree, yes they are beautiful. So in essence we have a common agreement of what resonates not only with our eyes, our ears and our hearts but also our minds, ie we know when words convey truth a truth that triggers something deep inside of us. No doubt we are slowly nurturing and understanding this light within us, the God spark.

Perhaps to understand it is too much for an individual, I would say one has to experience it first in order to understand it and to do that we have to follow and let the right frequencies guide us whether that be light, sound, love and thoughts.....all have frequencies and with that comes the desire to experience resonance which in my opinion is what causes us to vibrate also, resonant vibration in my opinion is key. It is the key to happiness and fulfilment, or a communion with the greater aspects of who we are, the Divine the Everlasting, the Intelligence, the Knowing, the fight and of course the Love.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by pharaohmoan

No doubt we are slowly nurturing and understanding this light within us, the God spark.

I believe that you're right, pharaohmoan. It's this spark that truly unites us as one, and when we see that we are one... you talk about peace.

...It is the key to happiness and fulfillment, or a communion with the greater aspects of who we are, the Divine the Everlasting, the Intelligence, the Knowing, the fight and of course the Love.

It's refreshing to find someone that understands...

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