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Enlighten Schools & Budget Cuts

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 07:06 PM
First of all if I have posted this in the wrong forum I apoligize and ask the mods to move it.

I am "discussing this topic on a local forum. They are trying to find ways to cut our county budget and of course the first place they went to is the schools. There is some comparing the 93,000 salary of our administrator to the CEO's of the big 3. I fell this is wrong as they will never in thier lifetime make what the the big 3 have made in a year.
They feel that cutting the schools budget is the best place to start. I feel that is the last place they should start. Our kids are our future and I feel that is the wisest place we can spend the money.
I guess I am just looking for other opinions outside of our county. I know we tend to get wrapped up in it more when it directly affects us so outside opinions are always nice.
My kids are actually homeschooled but we have used the school district in the past and I would like to see it there in the future and working in full capacity should we ever have to use it again.
I will not use any ones comments but just trying to broaden my horizons from other viewpoints.

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