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Lucid Dreaming My Experience With Life

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 05:29 AM
Where to start. First off I have no idea whatsoever where to put this so moderators I am sure you will move this thread accordingly. I have been humming and harring about sharing my experiences for all to read for quite a while and now todays the day I finally do it.

Some people may understand some may not, some may not even be bothered however, I would really appreciate some kind of empathy if possible.

First a little background to help gain a better understanding:

Basically life for me has never been average. you know the old 'eyes open' thing at the age of sixteen and looking at life so differently than the sheeples. I started meditating at an early age and practicing what I like to call out of the box stuff, mainly psychic stuff OBE'S astral projection,crystals,clairvoyancy and of course tarot.

I became very deeply involved in meditation and practiced as much as I could, half the time I was literally on a 'different planet' until one day I met my partner. Right from the beginning I explained that life for me was different and that I am aware fo things, funny enough my partner wasn't freaked out by any of this, which was good for me because I was able to get alot off my chest.

Over a period of time I started to become grounded and earthbound, although I could still experience things outside of the box I lost that connection I had. I didn't mind because it was my choice, the only thing I did miss was the fact I could no longer see the person that had helped me along the way.

Anyway years have gone passed and I am still aware of many things outside the framework that we call society and life but not as close as I used to be. Not until NOW!

Over the last year or so very strange things are starting to happen to me when I am sleeping. Before I explain this isn't a hoax or any sort of wind up this is 100% real life. Please feel free to check my profile and read through my posts and threads. `

It all started pretty much when I began to rekindle my OBE's. One night I was laying on the bed next to my partner chilling out and trying to project myself out of my body, I sensed the normal ringing in the ears and I could feel that I was getting close. However suddenly I panicked and started flipping out. I was sweating profusely I turned over and put the bedside light on took a sip of water.

I replayed the experience in my head and eventually came up with reason why I had flipped out. I was scared. I was scared that I wouldn't of been able to return to my body. I had this feeling in those moments of tingling feet and ringing ears that if I had gone that night I wouldn't of returned. When I was young I was 'The Fool' in the pack I would blindly follow anything that took me outside of the box we live in. However now I have responsibilities and life is very different.

So from that day onwards I decided that I wouldn't try any more astral projections or OBE'S. Not because I was scared but because I had to much to lose. Instead now something else is happening when I am sleeping something completely bizzare that has totally knocked me for six, intriguiing and worrying.

Since that time when I made the decision to stop all OBE activity I began to have lucid dreams. At first I could make out little things like outlines and colours, then after a few months I could see shapes and feel textures, then after a few more months I could view the dream scenes from different perspectives, then after a few more months I could hear people (but not make out the words) then again after more months I could actually direct my dreams, for example if I was being chased by some people and I came to a dead end and they were advancing I could imagine a doorway opening and escape. Very recently things have taken another turn

Not only can I control,feel,touch,hear but I can see not only through the eyes of the person in the dream but through me, while I am asleep,(not physically but inter dimensionally if that a word. Bascially I can acknowledge that I am asleep and interact with whoever is in the dream, for example the other day I met this women in my dream. I said to her I know I am dreaming yet you are here talking to me and I can hear you and see you . I said that I could wake up if I wanted to and within an instance I was awake. It sounds crazy I know but this is happening.

The funny thing is even though I know what I am doing whilst dreaming, when I wake up within around about 10 minutes I have forgotten the fine detail of the dreams and the people I talk to and interact with. The only thing that is left is a rough outline of the dream.

There is another thing I am experiencing and that is words.

During the dream, for example say I talk to a man/women/group e.t.c they tell me about something specific I can't write about this now because I can't remember, because thats the annoying/frustrating bit it vanishes when I am awake.I am at work at the moment therefore, I don't have my notes.

I now have a pen and paper by my bed and I write down words, words that have come to me whilst interacting with people in my dreams. When I get to work I google these words and I am pretty shocked at what I find.

Sometimes its of people that have died (nearly always under strange circumstances) other times its about power,money,greed,evil,karma, I am generalising sometimes it goes very deep, for example MONEY its not just about money but how it is an illusion and how we don't need it in order to understand. Its always about understanding?????? another instance was a long name of a drug (something that I have never heard of) anyway I googled it and found it to be about a cancer drug, that led me to search about cancer.

Ok I am rambling now but you get the gist of my experiences I hope?

I would be really interested to hear from anybody that can relate to this and maybe can explain what its all about. Why now why do my dreams seem so real that when I wake up I believe I am still in them? why now am I experiencing this?

Keywords: Life,Understanding,Karma,deception,

This is 100% true, this is happeing to me I swear on my nieces life this is happening.

Whilst I am asleep I can interact consciously (not 100% conciously but more along the lines of 60%

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 07:52 AM
I think you have learned how to make your brain do certain things that give you the effects that you describe. I am glad that you pulled back from that one trance since you could have done something as bad as kill yourself, apparently.

Personally, I have made a conscious attempt to avoid lucid dreams. I find them tiring and unhelpful in my efforts to accomplish my goals. That's my personal experience with them.


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