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ATS.P: Chakra Tones Meditation

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posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 10:38 PM
The written terms for the sounds of the chakras necessitate proper Sanskrit understanding. They way they are written, people will get the wrong phonem from them.

Sanscrit involves punctuation marks not used in any other Romanized scripts. I can't recreate the markings properly on this keyboard though I can implicate them generally.

A "nicci" appears below a letter and has any of various phonemic implications.

An "ucci" is atop or between letters in a superior position. On conventional Roman keyboards such as nearly all of us are using, the " ' " image is usually used for "ucci"s.

In each of the first five chakras the spelling ends with "AM". The proper spelling of each word necessitates an ucci for proper enunciation.

Almost any word ending with "am" in Sansrkit most likely has an ucci at the end. Instead of the "am" sound, as in "I am", the proper sound is approximately: "auunng".

Also, in Sanskrit, any word beginning with a "Y" has the "J" sound. When reading you may see a word that normally begins with a "y" with a prefix added to it, such as "yama" and "niyama". Typically such prefixes will begin with a consonant sound, such as "ni". When a word that normally beings with a "y" is prefixed thusly, the "y" will have a typical "y" sound.

Thus, the proper way to pronounce "yoga" sounds like "joga".

"Sam'yoga Yogo Ityukto Jiiva'tma'-Parama'tmanah' -- the Jiiva'tman has to be merged into Parama'tman.

This is one place where Patanjali got it wrong.

Originally posted by CavemanDD
Alright I finaly got around to making a proper version of this. I've been using a different version for myself and its of poor quality. But it still works wonders. I also decided to make it more interesting then a straight tone.

I swear by this. Its so powerful that just by working on it I feel like singing right now, my chakras are nice and open.

It's also in the pitch of 432 Hz vs the standard tuning of 440 - 441 Hz.

Why? I read an ATS post a while back about the conspiracy to de-tune music, no doubt as a way to scramble our energies.

I guess 432 is one of the original greek modes as well someone told me. I think it just generally sounds more right to me. I've been using it for about a year this way.

This is the perfect file to loop a couple times when you are just sitting in front of the computer, Its nice to take shower and get all relaxed and just come to the computer and throw this on. Its a good way to get into meditating when your not in the mood, so sometimes I'll start a meditation by listening to these chakra tones and often using the basic mantras along with it:

1st through 7th tone of the file,

Root = LAM
Sacral = VAM
Solar = RAM
Heart = YAM
Throat = HAM
Brow = OHM / AUHM / I've also read "SHAM"
Crown = I use OHMNG, sounds like UMNNNGGGG

And again if you're curious the actual tones are:

Root = C
Sacral = D
Solar = E
Heart = F
Throat = G
Brow = A
Crown = B

I made the file to these tones and then changed the pitch of the finished product. If you want the one of the original tuning, I will upload that as well as a reply to this podcast.

Or use whatever ones you prefer or have been taught. The combination of the mantra and the audio file helps you do the mantra in the right tone. As you do this you can really feel the vibrations resonating throughout your body and you can feel the chakra come alive.

You might want to loop it a couple more times just to visualize the colors, and to breathe/pull in energy to the corresponding chakra.

I also found this image interesting. Maybe you can work with it.

[edit on 7-6-2010 by Mystical Sadhu]

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